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Before a certain duck and his three nephews reminded him of his old days, of course. However, he sometimes does get a happy ending in episodes such as " Clip ", " Amnesio ", " Topper ", " Phoon ", and " Snooty ". Of course, Chrysalis has no intention of continuing to serve him. Thanos Rising shows how Thanos of Titan developed from a young mutant boy with purple skin into the Omnicidal Maniac Emperor Scientist he is in the present day. History repeated itself in The My Little Pony: The team meets up with Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley and heads to Earth to battle the Leroy army and save the galaxy.

Zero to hero kickboxing

Having Tron blow off his fears and scold him didn't help. Anime Wolfwood also gets one. His manga reason made Vash try to kill himself twice and laugh hysterically when he thought he'd accidentally killed Rem! Chrysalis' start of darkness is covered as an addendum during the short arc that followed the end of Dark World: He is fairly arrogant of his abilities, often exclaiming how he was a former captain of the Galactic Armada , showing that he still takes pride in his previous occupation. He found Ventus, whom he accused of being the trespasser. Gantu immediately felt that Jumba's Experiment was a complete and total menace to society and should be destroyed. But because the anime is Lighter and Fluffier , Wolfwood's philosophical position has a lot less pull there, so he needs a more clear-cut 'reason' to think the way he does. The spinoff audio drama series I, Davros shows the early life of everyone's favorite Dalek creating Mad Scientist. After the mission is a success, Gantu is granted his position as captain of the Galactic Armada once again. In Chrysalis's case, she makes it clear that there was never a time she wasn't evil. The story manages to showcase, via time travel, both what a nutter he was, and what a nutter he became. After Mas Oyama, Soeno was the only other Karateka mad enough to launch a solo challenge on the strongest fighters in Thailand. Midora starts to reminisce over his past during his battle with Ichiryu. Birth by Sleep Gantu has a relatively less important role as a minor antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Notice the striking resemblance of the comic and game potrayals. Ventus and the renegade Experiment affirmed their friendship, but then Gantu arrived in an attempt to destroy them. When the war ended, Discord was reborn in Equestria as a mortal along with Celestia and Luna with no memory of his past existence, leading to him becoming an odd, but ultimately kind-hearted being Even in this story, he says that he remembers different versions of his "one bad day", but just one is presented in the flashbacks: Although, to be fair, the reoffending rate is to all intents and purposes negligible. But then it's revealed that not only did Kyuzo screw Kyubey over by taking all the credit for his accomplishments, but when Kyubey calls Kyuzo up and demands an explanation for this shit, that's when he and we learn that this isn't even the half of how Kyuzo's betrayed him — Kyuzo is in bed with Kyuko when he gets the call, and it turns out that he's been banging her on the side for at least three months, because that kid that's three months along? When the Keyblade-weilder found the fugitives on the docking bay, Gantu ultimately attacked with a desire for revenge. Well, in theory, at any rate. Oh, and bonus points, it's shown at the end of the arc that when the Princesses defeated and sealed him away, his last act was to plant the seeds of doubt that led to Luna becoming Nightmare Moon. Personality Gantu is a strict, no-nonsense soldier. Sure enough, she dies. However, he does not tolerate failure or being mocked as shown through his interactions with Stitch and Reuben.

Zero to hero kickboxing

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Hercules : Zero to Hero

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Midora starts to reminisce over his past during his battle with Ichiryu.

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