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Social Media Michael is active on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Some African tribes when first seeing a white person, thought they were sick and dying because of their pale skin. I never been around any who ever mention wanting blue eyes. Michael Ealy is not gay. The couple named their daughter Elijah Rakim.

What race is michael ealy

Social Media Profile Michael Ealy is active on different social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, Michael has a protective love for his family and kids. His height is 5 ft 10 in or cm and he weighs 76 kg or He is born as Michael Brown but later she is known as Michael Ealy. He made his big screen debut appearing in the action comedy movie Bad Company. Ealy also appeared in the independent film, Jellysmoke. Ealy has starred in a number of successful movies including, Barbershop 2: Thanks to his recent repertoire and set of roles, his net worth has risen to 3 million dollars. In , Michael played the role of character Detective Sebastian in the movie, Underworld: He has dark brown hair and blue eye. Therefore meaning no European help midori29 April 30, at 6: Michael Ealy appeared as a street thug named Ricky Nash and then reprised his role in Barbershop 2: Michael Ealy has not disclosed any details on his childhood and early days. Michael Ealy is not gay. There are also rumors that Michael had an affair with co-actress Taraji P. Wife, Son, Daughter Michael Ealy has tried as much as possible to stay away from relationship dramas that come with fame. The team of two eventually solves futuristic crimes. Despite this, the star has some past relationships. The sci-fi police procedural takes place in the year and follows the relationship between two cops as they struggle to solve futuristic crimes that involve complex technology. When a black person, especially african american has blue or green eyes they have european in them fuzzybear44 April 10, at They married in His is multiethnic as he comes from a mixed marriage between an African American and a Caucasian couple. Apparently, his struggles over the years have paid off for the attractive salary he earns. No much details about his family background, childhood days, family members and siblings could be found as Michael is known to b uptight when it comes to revealing things concerning his personal life. Both are well and happy with each other. Her mother worked for IBM, and his father was a businessman.

What race is michael ealy

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Actor Michael Ealy Reveals Why His Characters Are Crazy

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