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Love this hill so much you want it in your home? Better yet, try using intentionally ugly clothing. When styling your model be sure to use bright bold colors not typically found on people, like yellow, hot pink and orange. Check out two examples from my personal snapshot collection: What started as a creative way for wedding photographer Jason Lee and his daughters to keep in touch with his mom who had recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, has become a full-blown internet photog sensation.

Weird photo shoot ideas

Everyone Loves Hair Everyone always focuses on makeup and clothing in their fashion photography, why not do a photoshoot dedicated to hair for a change? Adding it to the list of inspiration for the Brit team photo! Same Hill, Different Day: Let them be themselves, unruly, imperfect and human. You can get really creative with this idea, experimenting with different objects, textures and fluids to achieve images that are truly unique. This series by Ignacio Torres employs dust and reflective confetti!!! Everyday by Noah Kalina: Your models could take the roles of disgruntled office workers, a nerdy physicist locked up in her laboratory, or fashion bloggers looking comfortable a little too comfortable? This series by Paul Octavious captures, as the name suggests, the same hill throughout the changing seasons. If you think about it, your work is an excellent subject for a picture series. Here are two we love: Try a shoot with no makeup and hair styling. Grab your point and shoot or your smartphone, and get creative with props, backdrops, daily captures, etc. Pay a visit to your local mall, and try to spot as many unconventional, and weirdly photogenic objects as possible. Take a silly picture of you and your significant other and drop it into ridiculous backgrounds. Keep your eyes on Amazon for Underwater Dogs in print. Nancy Drew was a big deal between the s and 70s, she was kind of like the original Harry Potter without the magic unless you count her super-human problem solving skills as magic. The create things you can do with this theme is endless. The original photograph was taken on a Thanksgiving trip to Mexico. We adore this series. The hill in question is in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and is a popular, comforting, iconic spot for Chicagoans, whether the season calls for sledding, stargazing, napping, or kite-flying. Either come in really close and study your model in minute detail, or step back and see the bigger picture. Better yet, try using intentionally ugly clothing. The Flying Baby Series: Focusing on plastic bags in your next photoshoot is a weird and visually interesting way to say something meaningful about the world we live in. No photographer should miss out on this magical photo-op. Some photo series take years and years to create, some a month, and some just a day.

Weird photo shoot ideas

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6 Creative Photography Tricks You NEED To Try

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If you think about it, your work is an excellent subject for a picture series. You get the idea.

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