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I also can contribute not to that extent but still. I understand the whole family thing but either way they would be more happy and come around once the baby is born, my boyfriends family is the same way but they also know that things happen and you just have to live with it Should I give him more time or is this behavior Which, completely lacks empathy for me a signal that this person is too selfish to be a father? Before we got married five years later, we talked about how we both never wanted children because of our own family experiences and because there are already too many people on this planet. We have a couple but it was very difficult on her and she has miscarried multiple times. That kid would be seven or eight now. I had an abortion almost exactly 13 years ago and have lived with that pain and regret ever since.

Unplanned pregnancy boyfriend wants abortion

With that said, if he's threatening to leave you, I wouldn't put my eggs in that basket and expect him to man up. September 19 I am in the same situation. Then very quickly a manly response kicked in: My boyfriend wants to force me to have an abortion- Advices! I decided I would keep the baby and I even told my parents. Would you ever consider raising baby without him? We spent most of every day together and continued to be intimate. I wanted her back inside me. If anything, it was much easier to focus on her instead of myself. C CeCe To me he seems why to selfish to be a father I hoped I would never have to do so again. If he can't get on board then u need to figure out what's next for you and your child. He supports me while my money pays for groceries some and my bills mostly. Five days ago I had an abortion. My Mom was sixteen when she got pregnant with me. Whether the father is your husband or boyfriend, you will always be Mom. Find a centre Five days ago I had an abortion. It is so difficult for some people and if it is right for you If I had another abortion, I might as well off myself right then because I could not go on. Security Council and I was a voting member but she was a veto member. I was 20, and we were six months into our relationship. But guys will never learn to adequately support the women in their lives if they treat their experiences with unplanned pregnancies as classified information — either with themselves or the other men in their lives. I sent my lover a lot of info, and we talked about it every day. M Marshmallow Dear ellenrigby, What a tough spot to be in! I know things can always evolve. The weeks went by and my boyfriend still told me to get rid of it.

Unplanned pregnancy boyfriend wants abortion

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In our situation, am I selfish if I want to keep it?

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