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Richard of York is again Protector. By the late ninth century Wessex was the dominant Anglo-Saxon kingdom. Duke of Cumberland, the King's 2nd son, ruthlessly represses the rebels and Scottish traditions. She has ruled for 50 years. Naval Battle at La Rochelle. Drake destroys the Spanish fleet at Cadiz.

Timeline of kings and queens

Harold fails to support his brother and they become bitter enemies. Her body is brought back to London and a cross erected at each stop along the journey - Geddington, Hardingston, Waltham, and the most famous at Charing Cross. After a five-week siege, he captures Harfleur the leading port in north-west France. In Egbert conquered Mercia, but he soon lost control of it. Family tree of monarchs of England and Great Britain since the Norman Conquest in Arguments are made for a few different kings deemed to control enough of the ancient kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons to be deemed the first King of England. First postage stamp is the Penny Black. It is less extreme than its predecessors - Elizabeth founds Westminster School - Hawkins and Drake make first slave-trading voyage to America. American colonists protest against British taxes. His coronation was the first since the Norman Conquest in which the King's address was in English instead of Norman French. British Forces capture the fortress of Ghazi in Afghanistan. William marches north and reoccupies York - Hereward the Wake leads a revolt against the Normans. Henry is accepted as Lord of Ireland. Harold is killed and, after subduing the south of the country William is crowned King of England. He is succeeded by his son Richard Cromwell - Richard Cromwell is forced to resign. The Despensers are both put to death. She is burned at the stake as a witch and heretic in Rouen on 30 May. Parliament declares York a traitor and he escapes to Ireland. Its success is largely due to Prince Albert. Charles raises his standard at Nottingham. However it is repudiated by the Scots 6 months later who want an alliance with France. Earl of Warwick takes London for the Yorkists. Under the terms of the Treaty of Westminster, Stephen is to remain King for life, but thereafter the throne passes to Henry. Henry VI captured by the Yorkists at Northampton. He explores miles of the Orinoco searching for El Dorado. He then takes over the throne of Scotland and removes the Stone of Scone to Westminster. It leaves an acute shortage of labour for agriculture and armies. Southern states unsuccessfully seek to involve Britain which has sufficient cotton from Egypt and India, but needs the Union North's grain.

Timeline of kings and queens

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Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: Betrayal - Part 1 of 4 (The Plantagenets Documentary)

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The Rump Parliament is restored.

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