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It bought the PUA community out from under the table and put it on top of the table. PUAs go out, recite their lines, get phone numbers or a 'kiss close' a girl kisses you, then leaves , then go home to type up their conquests on PUA message-boards. So what of their legacies? He could have gone home and bragged online about the pocketful of phone numbers he got, even if they wouldn't have got him any closer to sex or a girlfriend. They happen all the time.

The game the secret society of pickup artists

He developed his skills using a mixture of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming NLP and set the benchmark for the success with women using such approaches. The book may have ended with Strauss, and various other members, leaving the community — some of them, including Strauss, even denounced its techniques. We can be dumb sometimes, but we're not that dumb. If women gave him their numbers, that means that 95 didn't. The subtle, un-offensive tone of the book on how to woo women carried little weight. One involves discreetly undermining a woman's self-esteem by paying her a backhanded compliment in the hope that she will hang around to seek your approval. The Phil Donahue Show. By the end of the book, under the persona of 'Style', Strauss has been voted the best pick-up artist in the world by his fellow PUAs. PUAs go out, recite their lines, get phone numbers or a 'kiss close' a girl kisses you, then leaves , then go home to type up their conquests on PUA message-boards. Relationships The art of the pickup: As soon as you can, puff up your chest and crow about your successes to any other PUA who will listen. No one will remember Mystery. That way, if they knock you back, it doesn't matter. So what of their legacies? Yet, in terms of The Game, he won. Reception[ edit ] Neil Strauss was quoted in a review by Steven Poole in The Guardian as saying, "A side effect of sarging socializing with the intent of finding and seducing a woman is that it can lower one's opinion of the opposite sex", though the reviewer noted, "And yet, as he has described it, the inverse is true: He has Velcro-like thunder-grey hair and one of those shrewd faces which screams 'LA nerd'. I met a guy in a club, he started reciting all the lines. When chatting women up he would remain subtle and understated, that was his technique after all, but in order to make money, and train other men, he had to appeal to their animal urges. Strauss advocates various methods, mostly from the point of view of heterosexual men. Summary[ edit ] Strauss stumbles across the community while working on an article. They're collecting women, but it could just as easily be fast cars, or the high score on Zelda, or bear carcasses. We talked for a while, and when he asked for my number I reminded him that I had a boyfriend - to which he said that he just wanted my number so we could continue our conversation about Wuthering Heights you at the back, please stop laughing at my gullibility. A good deal of the book focuses on how to obtain the elusive upper hand, or just hand, in a relationship. One wannabe-PUA crows about losing his virginity - it's a horrible, painful experience which he can't wait to end. He was there at the start and he would be there at the end. He also uses "false time constraints" a reason that the conversation could end very soon to put the woman of interest in a situation where she must convince the man she is interesting, discusses how to very slowly increase the amount of physical contact, and more.

The game the secret society of pickup artists

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Neil Strauss - Annihilation Method - DVD 1 : The Forbidden L.A.S. V.E.G.A.S. Technique Revealed!

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PDFs of popular routines tricks and traps to get girls into bed popularised by the book became available and as some PUAs went private, others offered their services for free.

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