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However, he lost once again when he was eliminated by the Big Show. He participated in ECW's final two shows: In December , Tajiri left WWE, stating that he wanted to try to become a journalist and spend more time with his wife and family in Japan. Noble and Tajiri started a new feud, which quickly ended after Noble betrayed his blind girlfriend and turned heel again. Later on in the same night, Tajiri and Dreamer saved Kushida from Leatherface. He also wrestled for Wrestle Association-R.


Tajiro lost to Dreamer but then beat Mentallo in his second contest. The match was well received by the fans in attendance at the ECW Arena , who gave many standing ovations during the match. He was later eliminated by Rhyno. This led to several Cruiserweight Championship matches between the two including matches at No Mercy and Rebellion. However, after watching countless wrestling matches from Mexico , he entered the Animal Hamaguchi Wrestling gym and soon won its test match tournament. According to him, he had been medically cleared to return and compete from a knee injury, but WWE decided not to use him due to his age. This earned him only three points and therefore prevented him from advancing. Tajiri would mark his return to the cruiserweight division by taking on the champion Rey Mysterio and after losing he spat green mist in Mysterio's eye, turning him heel once again. In , he earned another shot at the championship against Justin Credible but lost once again. He also wrestled for Wrestle Association-R. His wrestling trunks were replaced with baggy "ninja pants," and he began spraying green mist into the face of his opponents. He then helped Tanahashi shave Yano's head following their Hair vs. His first defense of the title ended in a no contest with Tommy Dreamer. Tajiri and Muta would team up for a few matches, the most notable of which was against Kaz Hayashi and Satoshi Kojima when the pair used double Asian mist to achieve victory. The promotion held its first show on March 26 which saw Tajiri wrestle two matches in one night. However, he was hypnotised by Yinling into joining the Monster Army. This feud started on March 30, at the final Champion Carnival event, following Tajiri's victory over Suzuki via countout when Tajiri tied Suzuki's foot to the guard rail, and went on to steal the Triple Crown championship belts following the match. The duo traded wins throughout Tajiri lost the title to Rhino on April He participated in ECW's final two shows: His second chance was in a battle royal on SmackDown! The Japanese Buzzsaw, in Japan. In the Hustle promotion, he was originally aligned with the babyface Hustle Army, a group who defends the sport of professional wrestling against the Monster Army led by Monster General and Monster K , who aim to destroy the sport. He would later be stripped of the title when he left the company. Post-match, Tajiri was announced as the newest member of Kono's villainous Desperado stable. Tajiri remained loyal to the company until it folded in April


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Also that year, Tajiri formed a tag team with Rhyno.

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