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So take the time to masturbate and discover the kinks and fantasies that turn you on. You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. When you reach your vagina, insert your middle and ring finger, leaving your index and pinky finger outside and pointing down towards the bed like in the diagram below. Give him a demonstration and show him exactly what you do to make yourself orgasm. Very few men or even women will ever learn the truth about squirting orgasms or this technique, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Now onto a basic technique There are even specialized G Spot vibrators you can use to stimulate your G Spot.

Squirting technique

Although it is possible for a woman to experience a squirting orgasm from clitoral stimulation or A Spot stimulation, but overall the G Spot is the most common and the best place to start. Basically you can never have too much foreplay. The fluid contains something called prostate-specific antigen or PSA for short. At this point, your G Spot should also be sufficiently enlarged and sensitive enough to find easily with your fingers. Like I said previously, for some, they need to let go, be at peace with how they feel and just relax. I will also discuss other factors that can help or hinder your ability to ejaculate in the FAQ section at the end of this article. Everything is going to be much easier if you learn to masturbate and give yourself an orgasm first, before moving on to squirting. But for others they need to push out. Insert your index finger with your palm facing up about to your second knuckle. Check it out here to learn how. Instruct her to just relax and, when she feels the sensation peak, release the fluid or push it out. You may find that you need to do a little bit of experimentation to find out what works best for you. The Clitoris When learning how to squirt, the clitoris is not as important as the G Spot. If you really want to get a solid understanding and watch how to do it live on video, I recommend checking out the video below by world-renowned female orgasm expert Jason Julius. In time, you will get closer and closer to squirting. The reason is because when a woman is not aroused, the G-spot will be more or less flat, but as she becomes more aroused the G-spot will become more pronounced and easier to find. To perform it, lie down on your back and slide your hand down your stomach, with your palm facing your belly. This means lots of foreplay before you penetrate her. Click here to get it. Squirting During Sex As well as squirting while masturbating alone, you may want to squirt with your partner. You may notice this technique and Push The Button can tire your fingers and wrist out quite quickly. Now, you need to find your G Spot with the tip of your fingers and start to gently massage it while your hand is in the Hook position. However, when you are aroused it becomes engorged i. When you reach your vagina, insert your middle and ring finger, leaving your index and pinky finger outside and pointing down towards the bed like in the diagram below. For many, it just oozes out, while for others it can fly across the room! In fact, his squirting video has over nine thousand Facebook likes at the time of this posting.

Squirting technique

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Simple Technique to Give Woman Squirting Orgasm

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With your woman lying on her back, apply lube to her vagina. As your fingers are pressed against your G Spot, you will be able to provide massive amounts of pressure to it.

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