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A map of the San Gorgonio Wilderness is always a good thing to bring along with you when hiking in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. You can take a short side excursion of less than half a mile one way to see Dollar Lake which is located at approximately 9, feet. This section of the hike from Dollar Saddle to the Summit of Mt. Time to Complete Hike: This loop is a popular trail to hike for many, but is not as popular as the vivian creek trail, bottom-line is you should expect to see other hikers while hiking the South Fork Loop. The South Fork Loop is one of the most popular hiking routes to the summit of Mt. Our time included a one hour stay at the top of Mt.

South fork trail san gorgonio

If you do this hike during the cold winter months make sure you are prepared with proper gear as only experienced hikers should do this hike during the winter. From Orange County, take the 91 freeway east towards Riverside. San Gorgonio which is approximately 5 miles from Dollar Saddle. The side excursion is worth it during wet years when water is in Dollar Lake. Take Jenks Lake Road a couple of miles and the trailhead is on your left hand side. For those who want to split the hike up into multiple days, which is recommended if you want to enjoy being out in the wilderness and because this hike is extremely difficult to complete in one day, several campgrounds are available. Highway 38 will take you to the trailhead. San Gorgonio is a steady uphill hike. Dollar Lake Saddle is located at 9, feet and there is no camping or viable water sources past this point. The permit quota often fills up for this hike, especially during weekends during peak summer months, so get your free wilderness permit in advance. San Gorgonio was an absolutely beautiful hike with spectacular views of the greater Southern California area. It is a large parking lot with a big sign indicating the South Fork Trailhead. Time to Complete Hike: It took our group just under 12 hours to complete this loop in one day. On the Sky High Trail you will find an airplane wreck from , where a military plane crashed into the side of Mt. To hike to the top of Mt. The South Fork Loop is one of the most popular hiking routes to the summit of Mt. From Dry Lake, you will continue all the way down back to the South Fork Meadow and continue all the way back to the Trailhead. Each trail in the San Gorgonio Wilderness has a set quota for the number of hikers allowed on each trail and once the quota is reached the Forest Service doesn't issue more wilderness permits for the trail. Exit from Interstate 10 on University which is in the City of Redlands. Once you hike to the top of Mt. After passing the turnout for Dollar Lake, continue another 0. Make a left and follow University You will pass through Redlands University until you meet Highway Take a right on Highway 38, going toward the San Bernardino Mountains. Most of the wreckage is still there and sadly everyone on the plane was lost. The hiking trail is well maintained and is usually in good condition.

South fork trail san gorgonio

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South Fork Trail(San Gorgonio Wilderness)

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The hiking trail is well maintained and is usually in good condition. The freeway eventually intersects with Interstate

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