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Ferrier stated he received a phone call on the scene from a second, reliable C. The matter was reset several times for a ruling, and on April 4, the court denied the motion to suppress the evidence seized from the residence. Based upon these facts, the officers obtained a warrant to search the Crozat Street apartment. Ferrier testified that the informant was reliable and that he did not ask the C. The determination of probable cause, unlike the determination of guilt at trial, does not require the fine resolution of conflicting evidence that a reasonable doubt or even a preponderance standard demands. Because the trial court and all parties mistakenly believed no warrant was issued in this case, this court remanded the case to the trial court for a determination of whether there was probable cause for the issuance of the warrant. The relators contend that the State failed to show that the information concerning drugs in the apartment was not stale because the C. Thus, we conclude the trial court did not err by refusing to order the production of Det.


The officers obtained a warrant to search the car, and pursuant to this search they found in the middle console of the Lumina one plastic bag containing forty-eight tinfoil packets of what was later found to be heroin, another plastic bag containing one tinfoil packet of heroin, a plastic bag of what was discovered to be loose heroin, another plastic bag of what was found to be cocaine, and two plastic bags containing what was found to be marijuana. After answering various questions concerning the initial stop and the search of the Chevy Lumina in the block of Josephine Street, Det. They tried the house keys in the door to the apartment and found they fit. The name was first given to 5 or more babies in the year when it was given as a first name to 9 new born babies. Indeed, the officers had entered and had seen drugs in plain view, but none of this information was included in the affidavit. However, looking at the totality of the circumstances, the magistrate was presented with the initial tip of drug sales by the relators, the corroboration of that tip through the observation of drug transactions, and the seizure of drugs from the Chevy Lumina also mentioned in the first tip. The defendants matched the descriptions given by the C. However, as noted by the trial court, this court addressed this issue in its prior unpublished opinion and found that while the State did not establish exigent circumstances, the evidence seized from the apartment need not be suppressed on this ground because the evidence was subsequently seized pursuant to the search warrant. Thus, even if the cell phone records were ordered and showed no call at that time, this fact would not mean no call had been received because Det. He argues he should have been allowed to subpoena Det. The defendants noted their objection and now come before this court seeking relief from this ruling. He also testified that the officers decided to go to that apartment because of the tip from the second C. The highest recorded use of the first name Shaquisha was in with a total of 20 babies. The relators next argue there was no probable cause for the issuance of the warrant. Approximately ten minutes later, the officer observed an unknown man walk up to the defendants, engage in a brief conversation with them, and then hand Johnson some currency. See Wong Sun v. However, there is nothing in any of the transcripts to indicate the officers did anything other than enter the apartment to secure it prior to the issuance of the warrant, unlike in State v. On remand, further testimony was taken on October Within these guidelines, courts should strive to uphold warrants to encourage their use by police officers. The affidavit merely mentions that Det. Thus, we conclude the trial court did not err by refusing to order the production of Det. The relators argue that the affidavit was also misleading because it did not mention that the officers were already searching the apartment at the time Det. Johnson walked across the street to the Lumina, used a key to enter, leaned inside for a short time, then exited, closed and locked the door, and walked back to the unknown man, giving him a small object. Ferrier testified he did not remember if the call came on his own cell phone. Johnson gave the keys to Ms.


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This denial, added to the tip from the second C.

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