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We celebrate one of those pics with this breathtaking shot above, anyone else need a vacation right about now? With five World Championship golds to her name since and two silver medals at the and Olympics, Hilary Knight has been one of the most impressive of the past decade. It was obvious based on the show, her looks did not fade. Standing 5'10, she has a great pair of legs to match her striking eyes. Outside of international competition, she played for Mercyhurst University for four years and averaged well over a point per game. Starting with his NHL career, the dude was inexplicably passed by multiple teams, in fact, he went out th overall in the NHL Draft. We seriously hope to see him back in the NHL next season.

Sexy hockey pictures

There are some lucky guys at that school. You sir, are a God. His playing days seem to be a thing of the past as he quietly made the transition to broadcasting. He followed that up with 87 and 89 point seasons. More importantly than all of that, he brought Leafs back into the post-season, something that seemed like a distant dream before his selection. His summer has been a dream, not only did he propel the Oilers to a lengthy playoff run for the first time in a decade but he also racked up all the hardware at the recent NHL Awards. The bad news is, we only have a couple left. It reminds me of that old joke from The Simpsons when the town drunk Barney Gumble shouts at Homer, "I'm worried about the beer supply! She won gold with the Canadian under team in and since , has been playing for the University of North Dakota. She's close, and if this were an article about best female hockey players in the world, she'd probably be number one. Standing 5'10, she has a great pair of legs to match her striking eyes. In her mid 30s, the Ottawa resident is still looking as stunning as ever. I'd like to say more but do I really need to? Loading up on free agents, we might finally see Benn get the proper respect he deserves next year. The first overall selection finished off a phenomenal rookie season scoring 40 goals, along with winning the Calder Trophy. With the size and skill to succeed in the league, Benn quickly showed how wrong teams were as he netted 79 points in his first breakout campaign. Her recent role included a part in the Netflix original The Ranch. Seriously, what is she feeding those things? Aside from being good at hockey, she's beautiful and plays ringette when the ice melts. The same can be said for his life off the ice as his partner is a blonde bombshell named Katie Hoaldridge. We assume his wife showed him a thing or two? As I've said before, I can read about hot women all day and if we've missed your favorite hockey babe we welcome their name in the comments section, but if you disagree with Prugova being our number one, that's your problem, dear reader. If we faced her in a game of pick-up hockey, we'd probably be too distracted by that smile to be able to play any defense. Actually, let every city know about this. She's been playing competitive hockey for ten years now, has played not only for the women's national team, but has also played in a professional men's league. Now 20 years old, Suonpaa has played for an elite league in Finland, the Finnish under team in and the national team for the World Championship, in which she took home a bronze medal. She hasn't won any medals with her National Team yet, but she's won a valuable spot on this list.

Sexy hockey pictures

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It reminds me of that old joke from The Simpsons when the town drunk Barney Gumble shouts at Homer, "I'm worried about the beer supply! Okay, fair enough, the whole list has claimed our hearts, they're all amazing.

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