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All four have both good and bad qualities, and all four are needed to make this world a better place. They are serious, purposeful, analytical, musical, artistic, talented, creative, self-sacrificing, conscien-tious, idealistic, philosophical, and are genius prone. They are not as prone to hostility as other Melancholy blends and combine analysis with organization. Strengths and Weaknesses Character of the sanguine temperament The sanguine person is quickly aroused and vehemently excited by whatever influences him. They tend to be highly organized, schedule oriented, economical, tidy, neat, detail conscious, finish what they start, like charts, graphs, figures and lists, see the problems and are able to identify creative solutions with ease. Because the impressions made upon a sanguine person do not last, they are easily followed by others. The Bible characters that seem to best fit the characteristics of a Choleric are the apostle Paul, James, Martha and Titus. The pride of the sanguine person does not manifest itself as excessive ambition or inflexibility, as it does in the choleric, nor as fear of humiliation, as in the melancholic, but as a strong inclination to overvalue his importance. Because of the critical nature of the Melancholy they may be very difficult to please.

Sanguine personality strengths and weaknesses

Whatever your temperament or personality, God is the one who has given you the abilities and sensitivities that you possess, and He has given those things to you for a purpose — that you might faithfully work at developing them and using them in His service. The Phlegmatic is most often a female who tends to be easygoing, content with herself, calm, cool and collected, tolerant of others, well-balanced, sympathetic, kind, unassuming, keeps emotions hidden, is happily reconciled to life, not in a hurry, has many friends, avoids conflict, inoffen-sive, quiet but witty, agreeable and intuitive… though they are very peaceful, patient and adaptable, they tend to be reluctant, indecisive and a worrier. In the sanguine the five senses are especially active, while the choleric uses rather his reason and will and the melancholic his feelings. They mix decisiveness and determination. Interpersonal Communication, Relations, and Compatibility Living in the society involves multiple interactions with other people, some short-term and unimportant, others — critical for our life and career. They are not as prone to hostility as other Melancholy blends and combine analysis with organization. He is optimistic, overlooks difficulties, and is always sure of success. Weak abilities to perform hard efforts. They are interested in cooperation and interpersonal harmony, and this is why they preserve their family ties and friendships. Before he has mastered one subject, his interest relaxes because new impressions have already captured his attention. To be sure, it is hard to convince a sanguine person that he is superficial; on the contrary, he imagines that he has understood the subject wholly and perfectly. The Sanguine likes to talk a lot… struggles with completing tasks… is chronically late… and tends to forget his obligations… he bases his decisions primarily on feelings. Many things which cause a melancholic person a great, deal of anxiety and trouble do not affect the sanguine in the least, because he is an optimist and as such overlooks difficulties and prefers to look at affairs from the sunny side. This leaning to the external is shown in the keen interest which the sanguine pays to his own appearance, as well as to that of others; to a beautiful face, to fine and modern clothes, and to good manners. The Bible characters that seem to best fit the characteristics of a Phlegmatic are Joseph, Timothy and Barnabas. The sanguine does not long over unpleasant happenings. Good in details; careful. Role In our distant past, the sanguine members of the pack might have played a supportive, encouraging, social role. No individual only possesses one personality type, and most of us have a very strong secondary temperament. They are extremely loyal in friendships; there is an old saying that goes like this: Sanguine types can be great parents, because they love to have fun; but their homes are often frenzied and disorganized, and the only time you find everyone silent is when they are sleeping! He may "putter around" for years without making progress. He finds interpersonal relationships difficult due to the hard-to-please nature of the Choleric and the perfectionistic nature of the Melancholy. Good marriages are not just accidents — they are the result of hard work and understanding. These individuals were chosen because of the behavioral tendencies they demonstrated at various times in biblical history.

Sanguine personality strengths and weaknesses

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He can talk too much and can be obnoxious if threatened.

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