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For example, a person with highly developed analytical and practical abilities, but with less well-developed creative abilities, might choose to work in a field that values technical expertise but does not require a great deal of imaginative thinking. All social interactions provide opportunities for higher level thinking. Practical intelligence for school: This is one of three types of giftedness that Sternberg recognizes. A novel situation is one that you have never experienced before. Practical intelligence for success in school. This form of giftedness is the type that is tested most often Sternberg, Triarchic Mind p 72 Beliefs are viewed as very high-level knowledge structures that can have a profound impact on the ability to comprehend and interpret information. Analytical Intelligence Have you ever been called 'book smart?

Robert sternberg theory

Successful intelligence is the kind of intelligence used to achieve important goals. She is an expert at analyzing material and uses this talent to obtain high grades in school and high scores on standardized tests. How does this person relate to the world around them? Learning is exemplified, as one is able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information, putting together the relevant information and relating new information already stored in memory. Why do people disagree? Learning and Individual Differences, 16, — The problem with novelty and automation is that being skilled in one component does not ensure that you are skilled in the other Sternberg, Collaborative function of the internal world: Advancements in the measurement of developing expertise. Sternberg associated the workings of the mind with a series of components. Different components of information processing[ edit ] Schematic illustrating one trial of each stimulus pool in the Sternberg task: Understanding the practical intelligence of military leaders. Review of General Psychology, 3, — Sternberg's next set of components, performance components, are the processes that actually carry out the actions the metacomponents dictate. In this context, intelligence can be manipulated by ones contexts and experiences and it might even be improved with practice. These components complete tasks that involve selectively choosing relevant information from a mix of information, some of it relevant and some of it irrelevant. Sternberg splits the role of experience into two parts: Key References Wagner, R. Principles Training of intellectual performance must be socioculturally relevant to the individual A training program should provide links between the training and real-world behavior. People with synthetic giftedness are not often seen with the highest IQ 's because there are not currently any tests that can sufficiently measure these attributes, but synthetic giftedness is especially useful in creating new ideas to create and solve new problems. Sternberg spells out his definition of intelligence upfront when he says: The questions of whom are to be educated and who is to be schooled is not directly answered in the resources. They deal best with one goal or need at a time. An example of this type of giftedness is "Celia". Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 49, —

Robert sternberg theory

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Many of the elements above were both expanded and yet simplified in his later work on Successful Intelligence. Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Successful Intelligence contends that intelligent behavior arises from a balance between analytical, creative and practical abilities, and that these abilities function collectively to allow individuals to achieve success within particular sociocultural contexts Sternberg, , ,

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