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It takes courage and wisdom to walk such a path. This letter feels completely free to demonstrate all its abundant creativity. People who have this path in life bring to the world their capacity for action and motion. Never wait for a better time. Not the emotional or romantic type.


It is best to sometimes take time off and rest. Each letter in this term has it's own meaning in astrology. Courage will be the fuel that drives you and wisdom is the light that guides you. Try not to become too domineering and give some space so others can also contribute. The hard part is keeping both feet on the ground and doing one thing at a time. The scores are calculated using the official dictionary guidelines. Such excess of sensitivity reveals a certain personal vanity that needs to be worked on. Your game plan should always be to use all you got right away. But blind stubbornness only leads you to failure. Q equals 10 point s. Since he is very impulsive, there always exists a readiness to act. Always trying to find solutions to the problems that afflict humanity. W equals 4 point s. They never wait, instead they get things done. Your gut feelings are very strong and you know that they can be trusted. New and better quality elements can only come to you if there is room for them. They do not like to lose while victories are savored with great pleasure. For a winning strategy in Scrabble it is sometimes best to choose a shorter term that only contains a couple of tiles two or three. He often has many new ideas about improvement or innovation. Learn More About Word Games Challenging yourself and becoming better at something is the best and most exciting part about life. One way to find more results is to reduce or add some characters. Now make your own conclusions on what to keep and what to use in order to get the highest score. Each character has a number of points value. Most times you are involved in a thousand plans. If you want to learn more read our guides.


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Changing your opinion when there is need is a symptom of wisdom.

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