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A Pisces is sensitive to unkind comments. But it does not frighten you, you will always find someone else to whom you can become attached. It is important to grasp the difference between the Ascendant sign - the rising sign - and the Sun sign, i. Use the processes of metabolism and digestion as metaphors for your approach to life, and learn to see any imbalances within your own system as symptomatic of an imbalance in how you are assimilating your life experiences. Pisces will find it hard to reign in their overactive Gemini imagination. If you are copying for online use please give credit with a link to this page.

Pisces sun virgo rising

You should always figure out what makes the best sense in every way, before you choose to act. The real sensitivity of Pisces comes from their ability to sense everything. This mix will be a clash of the unemotional with the emotional. A Pisces Sun sign would never be called strong as a first description. But they so often allow themselves to be distracted, allow themselves to postpone the necessary work, which turn out to be too sensitive to disturbing circumstances. Once things are cleared up and their Taurus rising takes over, Pisces will come back to earth and Pisces will be all right with the world again. A relationship with Virgo rising is never easy and must be earned. Pisceans are the most loving and giving of the signs, their ability to select an inappropriate partner is legendary. Your Sun sign is Pisces, which means that it is only when people know you well that your Pisces traits become obvious. You should avoid being swayed by what other people say and do. Others will notice how important work is to you as well. Nevertheless, you always get into unpleasant situations and you tend to cling to memories, instead of going through life further. Pisces feels, and lives with, the truth of suffering every moment of every day. A Pisces will be hurt if you ignore them. There may be a preponderance of troubles and problems in your life. There may be tendencies toward rigidity, and a need to control outcomes, based on an innate fear of chaos or lack of order. You experience the transformation of negative emotions as you breathe through your own heart. Cleanliness and order are often very important, as is the need to be systematic. The usual Pisces understanding won't be there. You may be very particular about food, but this is because of your natural sensitivity to these processes. Many times Pisces will feel like they're suffering because people just don't understand them, most of the time that isn't true, Pisces just sees it this way. Pisces Your Ascendant is Virgo Your Ascendant or Rising Sign reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you. Aries rising makes you brave, adventurous and ambitious. Collectively, under the influence of Pisces, we are here to transform through our emotions. And with that comes great sadness, and great responsibility. Names Sun in Virgo — Rising in Pisces The character of a person with the Sun in Virgo and the ascendant in Pisces instinctively feels the surrounding world, but often can not follow his instinct.

Pisces sun virgo rising

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Sun/Ascendant Combinations-Pisces Sun/Virgo Ascendant

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Before this can happen, the pure focus and discernment of Virgo is needed: A Pisces is sensitive to unkind comments.

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