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All our friends think they know so much. I can guarantee you that it's worth every bit. I don't want to go. Just like the sun is going to rise up, our love keeps it moving. We're marching on but we are not alive.

One day you ll miss me lyrics

I know it happens all the time but it's our thing that we're doing. So hit them with everything that you have. Stay in with me for the evening. Thought we knew all we'd need. We're running out of time. Because I think I will always be this way and I think I will always be afraid. But I know what I want, I want a taste of the flesh. I look inside you and I see myself. Won't you please just lay me down? I would fall apart if I didn't have your heart. You've got to break some legs sometimes to get things done, but I'm not the monster here. And I belong to you, and I've got nothing to complain about. I lost all the blood in my head to my heart, and I'd give up anything else that I want, in spite of the friends that don't see what we've got, you came to me. Everybody here's allowed one. Oh, what a sight, the prodigal son returning. We're marching on but we are not alive. You should be thankful. Heal my heart if it's broken, lift me up when it weighs me down. So I'll do what I can to be the brother you need. I dirtied my hands on the necks of old identities, all the things I used to be. You've got to make time to break bones, you're never gonna calm me down! Well, The Truth Is But when I go, there will probably be no angels singing, no harps ringing, no pearly gates, nor devil's flames, just nothing nothing nothing nothing. There's a light in your eyes that says I don't need anything but your smile and some rest. What am I supposed to tell her about you? I need you now to hold my hand and whisper softly, and tell me I'm your man.

One day you ll miss me lyrics

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Mix - Tyler Adair - You'll Miss Me Someday Lyrics

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The sun is up now, and we want it all.

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