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Feeding your dog a little bit of pumpkin with his food is a great way to prevent and cure constipation. To calculate how much water your dog needs, click here. If your dog ingests a non-food foreign object, which dogs are known to do, or even a big chunk of bone, it can lodge in his bowel and cause an obstruction around which stool cannot pass. Regular physical activity and adequate amounts of fresh, clean drinking water can prevent or remedy doggy constipation. Pumpkin is high in water content and a great source of fiber. They all fall into one of three categories as follows: Both these supplements will help with maldigestion, which is often the cause of intermittent bouts of constipation as well as diarrhea. You can either puree fresh pumpkin or use canned pureed pumpkin.

My dog is constipated what do i give him

Organic ACV is a bit of a natural wonder drug, in that it can alleviate a wide variety of conditions in both people and pets. Feeding your dog certain types of people food can also contribute to the problem. Plenty of exercise; plenty of clean, fresh drinking water. Becker While the majority of dog owners have more experience with doggy diarrhea than constipation, pups do on occasion become constipated. Ground dark green leafy veggies: He may be in some pain as well, especially during the act of trying unsuccessfully to poop. Pumpkin is high in water content and a great source of fiber. This option is typically used in cases of obstipation caused by an injury to the colon, a neuromuscular disorder, tumors or pelvic disorders that impact the colon. A balanced, species-appropriate diet. This can become a vicious cycle, because the more difficult or painful it is to go, the more likely the dog is to develop a habit of avoiding elimination. You can either puree fresh pumpkin or use canned pureed pumpkin. Intact male dogs, especially as they age, can develop enlarged prostates which compress the bowel, creating pencil thin stools or even an obstruction. By dogtime Picture Credit: Intrinsic causes are neuromuscular in nature and can result from pelvic or lumbar nerve injury or diseases like hypothyroidism or hypercalcemia. The condition can usually be attributed to a lack of fiber in his diet or not drinking enough water during the day. Depending on the severity of the situation, intervention can mean IV fluids for hydration and an enema to clear the colon -- or it can mean the dog must be fully anesthetized for a manual cleanout. Digestive enzymes and probiotics. To calculate how much water your dog needs, click here. This problem can usually be resolved by having your pet neutered. Some commercially available enemas are highly toxic to pets. Causes of Constipation There are many potential causes of constipation. Stool that stays too long in the bowel loses moisture and hardens, making it even more difficult for the dog to go. Increased exercise will massage internal organs and increase blood flow in the colon. Dehydration, not enough dietary fiber, lack of exercise Swallowing a foreign object like a piece of cloth, part of a shoe, or rocks Intestinal obstruction, including tumors Neuromuscular disorders involving abnormalities or injury to the nerves or muscles of the colon Infected anal glands or a hip or pelvic injury that causes pain during defecation The effects of surgery, some medications, and iron supplements Stress brought on by a change in routine or surroundings One of the most frequent causes of constipation in dogs is dehydration. There are laxatives -- Lactulose is one -- formulated specifically for pets. The following is good advice from Dogtime.

My dog is constipated what do i give him

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How to Cure a Dog's Constipation

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This is a very unfortunate situation in which a dog is unable to empty his bowels without outside help. This is a chronic condition known as megacolon, and is actually more common in cats than dogs.

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