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The other obligatory element found in all of these films is the comic sidekick, who usually appears in the form of an animal or other nonhuman creature. Although he has a tradition-based bad attitude toward Mulan once he discovers her secret, he ends up as an okay guy. If you need additional time please contact me, I'm easy to work with. While some mature themes dominate the proceedings, enough humor and comedic characters are present to make the film quite enjoyable. In fact, the film's majority use of Asian voice talents when others could easily have adopted the proper "sound" should be commended and the vocal and singing efforts are all quite strong. As ever greater dangers and obstacles appear, Mulan must deal not only with them, but with the fact that Shang and the others might eventually discover that she's really a young woman. Although she runs away from home to join the army to save her father's life , she proves that intelligence is just as important as brawn and she becomes the big hero as she saves the day.

Mulan nude

Featuring a decent arrangement of songs, many funny moments, and the occasional awe-inspiring animation, this film should be a hit. We enjoyed it a great deal, and thus give "Mulan" an 8. While not as terrific as my personal Disney favorite 's "Beauty and the Beast" -- still the only animated film ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar , this film does have many positive things going for it and comes off as a very good picture. Eventually, her smarts and determination prove she's a worthy soldier, and their small army sets out to find and battle the Huns. It's questionable how kids view animated characters as role models, but here goes: He is always seen with his mandolin. Together with Friar Tuck , he shoots down Sir Hiss , by using his mandolin together with an arrow to form a makeshift bow. After a succession of lowering returns for their "cartoon" efforts, this should please those working for the big Mouse. Some countries have size limits on boxes, an oversized box will have to be shipped global express which is very expensive, please check before bidding! She's the only child of Fa Zhou voice of Soon-Tek Oh , who desperately wants her to marry to bring honor to their family. Although he has a tradition-based bad attitude toward Mulan once he discovers her secret, he ends up as an okay guy. Postage and packaging This item will post to Russian Federation, but the seller hasn't specified postage options. Disguised as a man, and to prevent her father from having to go to war, a young Chinese woman joins the Army to fight the invading Huns. There, and using the alias, Ping, she meets the dashing young Captain, Shang voice of B. Alan-A-Dale's next major appearance is in the town jail, where he informs the viewers of Prince John's orders to: She gets a chance, however, when her father, despite his fragile health and advanced age, agrees to serve in the Army. Worried about this new threat to the family's honor, the ancestral spirits get together and decide they must send a guardian to protect Mulan. Once again it's nice to see a strong female protagonist as the lead character, especially one who ably overcomes personal and exterior obstacles to achieve her goal. As with Disney's other modern animated features, this one's a musical and is arguably the best since "Aladdin. Donning her father's armor, she then joins the Army. The animation, while not always quite up to par with Fox's "Anastasia," and briefly suffering from some surprisingly flat work early in the story, is exceptional for most of the film. While some may believe that his comedy doesn't quite fit in with the story the same is true of Williams' material in that other film , it's a comic delight nonetheless and I didn't find it distracting in the slightest. I do not accept returns for Buyer's Remorse! While some mature themes dominate the proceedings, enough humor and comedic characters are present to make the film quite enjoyable. Thus, China's Emperor voice of Pat Morita declares that one man from every family must serve in the Imperial Army to repel the invading Huns.

Mulan nude

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