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Right down the block from our hotel we found this great Mediterranean restaurant that was reasonably priced, and we had some pretty good pizzas. Our van, on the left, and the car that hit us. It was pretty cool — we spent the day of the fete watching all kinds of performances, crazy costumes, and dances. The entire trip turned out to be infuriatingly slow. If two or three lines show up, you have malaria the two versus three signifies a different type of malaria.


I read the instructions. My fever was around , I felt dizzy, and I hurt all over. There were four of us in the car, and in French I raved about how this was my second car accident in one day and how ridiculous it was — I was beyond fed up. I had to get to Douala to pick up my friend Aly, who was flying in to visit from the States. But we made it! I assured him I was not trying to cheat anyone. In that split second, our driver tried to swerve, which frankly could very well have saved my life. You have got to be kidding me. I spent a couple of relaxing days there checking out the market, the local bars and the grilled pork stand, and doing some much-needed laundry. The car that hit us was totaled, but miraculously no one in either vehicle was seriously injured. Not so much in the Muslim-dominated Adamaoua… with homemade barbecue sauce, of which we were rather proud. The next day, we spent a bit of time in Bafoussam before I headed out to Bansoa, just on the other side of the city, where PCVs Danielle and Becky live. We went straight for the fish market, where Alexi and I indulged, and Aly politely watched us eat, not being a fan of seafood. Cameroonian hotels are really weird about the number of people you have in a room — it was an issue when my mom and our friend Maribeth were here as well. It had been a whirlwind five-day trip, and I unfortunately had malaria the entire time, but it was still so nice. After waiting 15 minutes or so for the result, it was positive. After my intake, consultation, and running back and forth to the cashier to pay for supplies I had to purchase a medical card which serves as my record — you carry your own medical record around here, the malaria test itself, and a couple of syringes to take the blood for the test , I went to the lab to do the test. I pricked my finger and Emily, who I did not know was squeamish about blood, bravely helped me transfer my blood into the little test kit with a little dropper. Aly and Alexi finally emerged from customs, and it did wonders for my mood. If two or three lines show up, you have malaria the two versus three signifies a different type of malaria. Ben had arrived from Tombel the evening before, and he had brought a malaria test for me. It took over an hour to get the results, only to confirm what I already knew — I had malaria. She was on the same flight as Alexi, who was returned back to Cameroon after a few weeks visiting home, and I had to head in to check into our hotel and take the hotel shuttle out to meet them at the airport. Emily helped me work out the directions to the malaria test. After that, it was a lot of waiting. Again, no one was hurt, but the taxi was damaged, the driver angry, and I beside myself.


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I apologized in advance for any car accidents we might get into on the way there, but we arrived unscathed.

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