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Otherwise, fly over Kauai! In fact, the summit of Kilauea lies on a curving line of volcanoes that includes Mauna Kea and Kohala and excludes Mauna Loa. Few visitors come to Lahaina for anything but what is right on the surface, and the majority of the cultural and historical value here has not yet been presented in a way that engages those not looking for it. The age trend of the volcanoes is thought to be due to the way in which the islands are built on the moving sea floor of the North Pacific Ocean. This seismicity is apparently not related to movement of magma.

Maui dating

It is the most isolated island chain in the world. In fact, University of Hawaii scientists studying the seamount following the seismic swarm have found direct evidence of a volcanic eruption there in , making this the first confirmed historical eruption of the seamount. It has a well-developed Northwest rift zone, a moderately well developed South-Southeast rift zone, and a poorly developed North rift zone. It is the second largest in sub aerial surface area of the five shield volcanoes that comprise the island of Hawaii, and we fly by it on our Maui Air Volcano Air Tours. Sacred Land of Royalty 4. The most recent eruption of occurred along the Northwest rift zone. At the bottom of this page we make specific recommendations for tours, activities, and shore excursions for each port of call. Oh and how could I forget? Now, if we want to start complaining, lets talk about driving to, through or around Lahaina. So, directly beneath Mauna Loa, the sea floor on which it sits is depressed by an additional 26, ft m. Submarine eruptions began to build Mauna Kea from the sea floor around 8 million years ago. On Volcano Air Tours you will sight see both islands and be able to compare the two. Since , Mauna Loa has erupted 39 times; its last eruption was in and is still erupting. These lavas are no longer exposed on the sub aerial surface but have been dredged from submarine portions of the northwest rift zone. Jack Harter will even pick you up at the dock, and they offer two different helicopter styles including the very popular "doors-off" experience. The easiest way for visitors to get a genuine balanced idea of what cultural richness lies below the bohemian surface is to contact Maui Nei and get in on one of their guided Lahaina tours. People who get off the ship and spend their time pointlessly walking around looking like a flightless dodo bird do not see and experience Hawaii. Our Shore Excursion Recommendations These recommendations are mostly based upon the Pride of America Itinerary, with a few insights sprinkled here and there for other cruise ships. To my amazement I witnessed a number of cruise ship passengers walk over and climb onto a Wal-mart shuttle bus!!! The caldera was the site of nearly continuous activity during the 19th century and the early part of this century. I cannot fathom spending the time and money to come all the way to the beautiful Hawaiian islands and then spend one second of my time shopping at Wal-mart! Loihi Seamount, sometimes known as the "youngest volcano" in the Hawaiian chain, is an undersea mountain rising more than meters above the floor of the Pacific Ocean but still some 2, feet under the ocean surface. Eruptive History - Mauna Kea is considered to be a dormant shield volcano in what is commonly known as the "post-shield" stage. For Pride of America passengers on their normal itinerary, you only have one tender port to deal with during your vacation, and that is in Kona on the Big Island on Wednesday. In general, when you move along the island chain from southeast Hawaii to northwest Kauai , the volcanoes become older and older.

Maui dating

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This is a minute cab ride from Kahului Harbor and can be done on your second day in port.

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