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What about a tent? How much does it cost? The original design for the miniature flying saucer was sketched out on paper over 40 years ago by a California World War II hero, Walter Frederick Morrison, and was marketed as the Whirlo-Way. No fire or charcoal grilling by attendees is allowed. If there is a drone flight, it will be Maplewoodstock sponsored and announced from the stage in a very controlled way.


We will have a line upon which canopies cannot be established. The crowd usually builds throughout the afternoon, with peak crowds between 5 pm and 8 pm. Is liquor for sale? What about handicapped parking? Many people bring a blanket and a picnic basket and hang out all day long. Geoff West had a distinctively different situation: Steve Panasci, a freshman at North Carolina State where there is an Ultimate team said, "Zander and Josh are two extremely qualified individuals as players and leaders. Ultimate took on a life of its own. You are welcome to set up a camera in front of the stage, but you cannot block anyone's else's view or occupy a space that is distruptive to the event. There are slots reserved for regional or national acts. How much does it cost? The First Four Decades go to www. We started in with one day and a few local bands. Only qualified food vendors are permitted to cook food. We are free to attend, so no tickets needed. This to accomodate bands off-loading equipment and arts and food vendors doing the same. I am a local business. FAQ What is Maplewoodstock? Maplewoodstock staffs its own Foot Patrol to answer questions from attendees and ensure that no excessive behavior ruins the event for others. Can I submit a donation to help fund the event? Last season my co-captain Ryan Thompson and I went through many different injuries and the two of them when healthy were able to step up and fill our void. Co-ed pick-up games for adults are played at Memorial Park on Sunday mornings, 9: More often than not, among the alumni will be a few of the inventors of this national phenomenon: How can I get a table? The CHS team, and other teams all over usually play on a grass field.


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Maplewoodstock is usually scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday following Independence Day.

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