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He used things like wood and cotton for his organic materials and iron sheets and other metals as the metallic components. When they sweep them up themselves they will often sell them to local scrap merchants. Push the crystals into the middle of the metal. Use in your own orgonite creations or jewellery. Top up with more metal until you reach the desired level. It is that profound and that useful! Stay on the page to be shown how to make these yourself and energetically clean up your own neighborhood for everybody's benefit.

Making orgonite

Spray your molds with a light coating of oil. If you use spray cooking oil or workshop lubricant - these are fine. Powdered or crushed Quartz points — powdered quartz must be added if using fine metal particles such as Iron oxide or Copper Oxide. Quartz points can be purchased from many online stockists, we tend to shop around and buy in bulk where possible — ebay has some sellers from China that are cheap and you are getting it closer to source. Ice cube trays are ideal for small items such as phone protector buttons. Black Tourmaline — this has a strong grounding effect not to mention a strong protective element from radioactive and harmfull energies. I don't recommend using it to make muffins afterwards! Pour the resin slowly into the funnel in stages allowing it to run down through the layers of metal. A peacefull environment — your intentions are imparted into whatever you make so makes sure you are calm, relaxed and happy! Multibuy option available - Choose from options on right hand side drop-down. We have always used tumble stones in our Towerbusters for gifting purposes due to them being cheaper and more widely available than points. Use in your own orgonite creations or jewellery. As you won't need that much this shouldn't be too expensive unless you want gold or platinum! When they sweep them up themselves they will often sell them to local scrap merchants. It is used to make those paperweights that you see with bugs, flowers, and other pretty things embedded in them. If you are making a few share it around and then come back to the first one for topping up. All metals have differing metaphysical attributes, some such as Gold or Copper are widely accepted as beneficial throughout history they both have a soothing vibe. Paper towels on stand-by. This way when your funnel is full you can make as many tower busters as the extra resin will allow. Aluminium pyramid moulds — for the traditional HHG holy hand grenade style orgonite we buy from a guy on Ebay who makes them specially. Leave to set for a day and then gently tap out onto a surface. Try not to get any oil on the marble because you want it to stick to the resin. Enjoy the care and joy that went into the production of each one. Orgonite needs only three things to work……. Discounted multi-buy available from drop-down menu on right. The main benefit is they are more widely available and cost less.

Making orgonite

Video about making orgonite:

Orgonite Copper Coils, The Right Way

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The video is pretty clear on what to do but here is a brief run down as a recap. All quartz should be cleansed before use — we put it in water with some pink Himalayan salt overnight — any salt will do though just not nasty table salt!

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