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We need to "party" every freaking night…so when there's time off, all we want is to be with each other and make all the rest of the world disappear. In Brazil you are either massive like Coldplay and play in stadiums, or you are a band who plays in a furniture store for 80 people and hold your day job. We've played more times in Japan than Brazil. I love to shop. I think the way we came about is very honest, we've never had crazy marketing.


Growing up in Brazil I used to love a very cool television show called Fashion File, which screened fashion shows. I used to buy so many cheap things and then after two months I wouldn't use any of them, and now I try to buy things that are a bit more expensive. Working on the website made me realise that so many people are clueless, whatever you tell them to wear, they'd do it. He is my best friend. I was on email one day and saw a headline saying "Beyonce is tired of being sexy. I thought I could reach for all my sources of inspiration from myself. Whenever I get excited about a show or I know that I'm coming back to London, I always wear my catsuit, but it's impossible to take it off, so I just pee through it onstage! But I use Mac and it's very hard to get off. Haha, no other fabric can be as tight as lycra! My boyfriend gave me a sewing machine as a birthday present but I haven't used it yet. How do you like living over here? Why do I put myself in these awkward situations? What do you find you write your songs about — and which is your favourite song? There's this designer store in Sao Paolo with a parking space for helicopters, and you can even buy helicopters inside. If you want to buy designer bags in Brazil then it's cheaper to buy a plane ticket to Miami and buy the bag there, it's ridiculous how crazy expensive everything is in Brazil. I made my biggest piece, which was a coat, from fabric that my grandmother gave me. It's a very exciting song. Most people hated us in Brazil, so I don't have too much warmth in my heart about playing there. How would you describe your style and where do you love to shop? When we realise this kind of things we just laugh. Simon always says, "How many lovers have played one after the other on the same stage at Glastonbury? I always think that it would be so hard to understand Simon if I wasn't in a band. With Luella I did some photos for her line with O'neil. For the next record Adri wrote lyrics, Luiza wrote lyrics and I wrote lyrics too, but of course it's not finished yet. I think that a catsuit is perfect, because you have your whole body protected and you can jump and I don't want anyone to see my underwear. In fact, the way we released our records was probably in the worst way possible:


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Steve Aoki ft. Lovefoxxx - Heartbreaker (Official Video)

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