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Her highly-publicized trial -- a year before the O. The night of the crime, John Bobbit came back to his apartment after long night of partying and drinking. Meanwhile, Lorena Bobbitt jumped in her car and fled. But I looked down and there was blood everywhere. Her story then became the headline news for countless newspapers and magazines.

Lorena bobbitt nationality

The two have a child together. After the alleged rape, "I was crying and I just wanted to get a glass of water," she said. Meanwhile, Lorena Bobbitt jumped in her car and fled. Belonging to American nationality and Hispanic ethnicity, she is not any celebrity or any popular public figure. She went on to become famous from anonymous. She was arrested the same night of the incident. I would just cry. She went to the kitchen, picked up a knife and returned to their room, where her husband was asleep. The incident instantly became international news. Simpson double murder case began -- pushed domestic violence into the national conversation. She also said her newfound passion was counseling domestic violence victims. Here's a look back at the key moments from the sensational case that transfixed America. Though John Wayne Bobbitt was acquitted of marital sexual assault after Lorena's allegations, he went on to be convicted of domestic violence offenses involving two other women, The Huffington Post reported in Lorena Bobbitt was charged with malicious wounding and faced up to 20 years in prison. She is the mother of a beautiful two and a half year old daughter, Olivia. Her highly-publicized trial -- a year before the O. After the incident, Lorena was taken into custody. He was charged with marital sexual assault and found not guilty in a separate trial. In court, Lorena Bobbitt claimed she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by her husband, including the night of the knife attack. The night of the crime, John Bobbit came back to his apartment after long night of partying and drinking. She is currently at a happy feet. After the scene, she left her bruised spouse in the house, drove in her car and flung his severed penis from the window. Now, 25 years later, Jordan Peele -- the Oscar winner behind "Get Out" -- is creating a four-part docu-series for Amazon called "Lorena. She then threw the penis out of the car window. During the court trial, she revealed the details of their marriage where her husband, John raped her almost every night and boasted about his infidelities like that meant nothing leading to the severe mental breakdown of Lorena. They have both divorced and are living separately.

Lorena bobbitt nationality

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John y Lorena Bobbitt: El peor matrimonio de 1993

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