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On the upside, we can only screw up one QSO at a time. Click the Edit Callsign Alert List button to set up or change the list of callsigns to be highlit and follow the instructions: Logger32 was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala 3. The process for changing the layout and content of the logbook window does not follow the Windows conventions. When you run the program for the first time, the sheer number of windows might overwhelm you, especially if you are not a seasoned radio user. Luckily, that is not something I have to do very often! In the example shown here, I see that I had worked HA Hungary on all bands and modes over the years, but only on 2 bands in CW so far in , neither of which had been confirmed. I find this function useful when someone asks me to try a different band.


CHI files remaining in the Logger32 directory, left over from old versions. This only works, of course, if your rig is connected to a serial port to which Logger32 can send the command. Logger32 is handy tool for any radio amateur who needs to create a log database with the details about their activity. Admittedly the logic is a bit tricky because multi -op DXpeditions may transmit more than one signal on a band at once, though almost always on different modes in different band segments. Logger32 finds a convenient reference clock on the Internet and sets the PC clock. Click the Edit Callsign Alert List button to set up or change the list of callsigns to be highlit and follow the instructions: In time, when there is enough content here to make it worthwhile, I will sort the entries and provide an index. And unfortunately, new bugs appear and new requirements emerge! Adding states for Ws etc. It is a one QSO at a time program. Luckily, that is not something I have to do very often! Details such as the reports, name and QTH info are sometimes lost from the log entry window, which can catch you by surprise. The options are fairly obvious. Finally, click the red and white cross at top right to close the window and return to logging. Petr and Zen Systems have now further stepped up support and is hosting the full Logger32 website as of Dec. You might be surprised at all the stuff you can find there. Configure the Cluster User program to serve spots on the local machine like having your very own cluster in the shack. The Logger32 community is grateful for this kind gesture and appreciate the continued support with this high bandwidth hosting service. In Logger32, right-click the shack clock on the left of the lower status bar and click Get atomic clock time. The logbook layout is quite flexible, although personally I find configuring it awkward. Try the search function in help. Did you test this version? Cooks and exceptions have to be entered manually in the same way. The second option is often more accurate than the first. However, like all software, Logger32 is not totally free of issues. The satellite viewer enables you to determine the geographical position and coverage area for each item from the list.


Video about logger32:

Logger32 and Auto Radio Configuration with CAT

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Clicking a callsign in the DXcluster windows will replace any current data in the log entry panel with the callsign you have clicked plus any related information e. I installed Logger32 version now, it is 3.

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