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She does not do the computer thing but her son is the local doctor in Boise City. The TSHA makes every effort to conform to the principles of fair use and to comply with copyright law. As there was just about 25 of us doing all the work it was remarkable. His boys ranged in height from 6' to 6'5". Then there was a live band and dancing on the tennis court after. They lived in the basement and another son was born. Her father was a pony trader to the Indians in Oklahoma and could speak and sing the language.

Kerrick tx

My father, Robert Wilson Scott owned Kerrick Farm Supply formerly Kerrick Co-op until he purchased it sometime in the '50s, I believe but he sold it when he retired about and he and my mother then moved to Kerrville. Sporting events and a community band provided the chief means of recreation and entertainment. The post office didn't close until the '70s or '80s as the Edens did build a building south of my dad's farm supply store in the early 60s and moved the store and post office into it. Her father then built the biggest house in Kerrick I wonder why. At age 95 she is as sharp as ever and can answer all questions. After awhile Allen became ranch foreman and they moved to Headquarters and a daughter was born. The grain elevator was owned by Cone Donelson possibly others the entire time my family lived there beginning in as far as I know. Scott, June 09, Subject: I graduated from Stratford High School in I have both cities on our travel list. The kids all went to college at WT in Canyon. Kerrick Community Spirit Starting in the Kerrick Community began having a Barbeque and calf fry to raise money for the community building repairs. His boys ranged in height from 6' to 6'5". A character for sure. They lived in the basement and another son was born. That's not likely to happen nowadays. We are now called the oldtimers here and unfortunately very few kids have come back to live here. Virgie was born here in a dugout along with 9 siblings 5 boys 5 girls. After its schools were consolidated with those of Stratford in , the old Kerrick school building was turned into a community center. For more information go to: The TSHA makes every effort to conform to the principles of fair use and to comply with copyright law. There are five of us ladies that are the same age, so we celebrate a birthday together every year. Several years later Allen had the chance to buy a section of land four miles W of Kerrick. Here are some pics taken in , the last time I was there. I guess when all us oldtimers are gone it truly will be a ghost town. By the town had a post office; in it became a contract post office and it was still in operation in We are farmers when the weather cooporates.

Kerrick tx

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I'm not sure what the current population is but it is far from a ghost town.

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