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Submissions to the free Courier Calendar must be received by 1 p. The Historical Society has been planning the development of the annex for well over a year. Additional information and public meetings will be scheduled once the report is released. Items submitted for a free Calendar listing may be shortened. There will be one Aid Station. Information will be available, volunteers can sign up and prizes will be available. The meetings will provide a brief project update as well as open discussion on the upcoming relocation of U. Upon request, a receipt will be provided.

Kernville fall festival

For information on adopting a pet, call or visit the shelter to find your new best friend: Please call the phone numbers provided to check times and location. Listings are printed in chronological order by date, event, and space available. Letters policies Letters to the Editor are run when space permits. This information is submitted to the Courier by the groups listed. Entry includes the tournament, dinner, cart and a gift bag. Any cost must be listed. Enjoy the fun and stay for the barbecue. The course continues down Burlando until it intersects with Siretta Street. Call or for more information. The meetings will provide a brief project update as well as open discussion on the upcoming relocation of U. View Church, Lake Isabella. One ceeded to jump on the stage, climb of his favorite on the instruexercises was to ments and Want to try your hand at a new sport or just get your feet wet? The wind would whistle through his fur and he would meow letting me know he was having a great time. Lake Isabella or Distribution is from 10 a. The T-shirt will be a white T with the Trick or Trot 5K logo found at the top of this page printed on the front. Both Joan Noble 34, and Thomas Ertz 28, of Bakersfield were arrested for first degree murder, accessory and conspiracy. Also, during registration, if you input your mobile number you will receive a text message with your personalized race results when they are posted online. Concessions start at 10am and the 1st race begins about 1pm. Forest Service administrative and recreation facilities, including an interim visitor center. The event hopes to encourage the adoption of homeless and neglected animals from each of their three shelters. Bring your shovel and join other community members for this historic event. I he is probably somewhere in would place many of the folded Kittyland eating popcorn one kerpapers in the basket for easy nel at a time. Registration starts at 8 a. I just hoped he was The entertainment happy.

Kernville fall festival

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kernville cannel plunge

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