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I'd be doing a few different tones so it doesn't look so heavy,'' says Ngata , L'Oreal Professionnel ambassador. They are destined to be disappointed. They wanted Rudd to be more progressive. This is the number of electors who have rushed to say they will now vote Labor based solely on the change of leader, and apparently on the assumption that she is the progressive politician they have been craving. The war against those few centimetres is dumb, but also poignant and yearning. Hours before the vote on 24 June, he resigned as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labor Party, leaving Gillard to assume the leadership unopposed.

Julia gillard hair colour

Daryl Melham , when asked by a reporter on the night of the challenge if indeed a challenge was on, replied: But he reckons it's worth the work. Hours before the vote on 24 June, he resigned as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labor Party, leaving Gillard to assume the leadership unopposed. Indeed, if you read the list of policy ingredients printed clearly on the pack, you will see why. Gillard ruled out a return to processing at Nauru and named East Timor as a preferred location for new detention and processing facilities. And her background as an industrial lawyer working primarily for the union movement, a member of the Victorian Left of the Labor Party, seems to confirm the obvious - in life choices, in career decisions, in factional identification, this is a left-wing person. Loading To vote for Gillard because she looks like a leftie would be like buying a red car because you think it will go faster. But they were also let down by his decision to take a harder line on asylum seekers. My scalp shows through bright fairy-floss pink, which is just a little tragic. Julia Gillard's hair is red at its best according to Brad Ngata. About a million voters seem to think so. As the dentist matched the colour against a range of little toothlets, I mumbled something about being a non-smoker but drinking my coffee black. Obviously, we want every individual treating others with decency and respect, but it does boil down to personal choices. Heckled and booed by hundreds of union delegates, some of them turning their backs on her, it was blindingly obvious she is no favourite of the unions, and the left-affiliated unions in particular. But she also infuriated one of the biggest left-wing unions, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union. So much for the surging hope of the centre-left vote. My friend will just have to forgive me while I continue to live in my pale, freckled and speckled Celtic pelt. There's something that has run right off the rails. Israel is supported, but no mention of the Palestinians. How do we know this? If you want to know about performance, you have to look under the bonnet. How about those scary white teeth so suddenly fashionable? Advertisement Then, of course, there's hair. And then, as we've seen, she is not budging on gay marriage. Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said they were close to signing a bilateral agreement which would result in asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat being taken to Malaysia instead. Most Viewed in Lifestyle.

Julia gillard hair colour

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Gillard makes dig at 'cross' Abbott

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The Gillard Government stressed a need to return the Federal Budget to surplus for the —13 financial year, and Gillard said that there would be "no ifs no buts" about this promise and that "failure is not an option here and we won't fail".

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