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They are all arguing over each other. What a great insight into how the writer and the editors create a drama series like Rake. And thanks all of you editors and writers that came to this Rake event! By he wrote the documentary Faces of War: In this scene Cleaver Green and Barney are talking at the pub where Roxburgh starts improvising lines about pornographic childhood memories. There are two editors working on two blocks each.

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The most important fact here is he lifts the other characters. The segment ends as Cleaver Green crashes through a glass window to land on the table of a rather stuffy luncheon party. We, Andrew Knight co-writer and Peter Duncan decide what the next logical step would be and then do the exact opposite. Peter was at Sydney Law School in the s, in the golden era when there was no requirement to attend lectures. I think he gives the actors courage to have a bit of interplay to make it feel real. Mark cut this scene. Four blocks are created, that piggy back two episodes, for each eight-episode series. Getting the humour right is about timing, if it goes on too long you lose the tension, too short you lose the moment. It was a bit like a rubix cube, you keep turning it and turning it until it works. The opening, Episode 1, series 4 of Rake was screened. The editing period to network approval is three weeks for each block of two episodes. There are two editors working on two blocks each. He has edited series 2,3,4 of Rake. That scene took the better part of a day to cut, and usually you do seven to eight scenes a day. This enabled him to spend time writing and directing reviews. But there is a certain energy that comes from the pace of it. Most of his ideas are thought through and funny. Peter Duncan, creator, writer and show-runner of Rake was next. Mark has cut some great features, tele-movies and drama series, including the series Lockie Leonard, On the Beach and Farscape. On set Rox sets the tempo and the other actors pick up on it. Those guys are having a lot of fun. And then there is, the Series, Rake. We know where we want this to start and end. And the moderator Jane St Vincent Welch. Necessity the mother of invention.

Iview rake

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Those guys are having a lot of fun.

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