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It promises that if you do you can have unlimited access to thousands of XXX videos. But I have done the research for this iHookup review, and trust me, this place is not where you want to go to meet older women, or anybody for that matter. The good looking ones are inindated with emails every day so they don't need to initiate contact and they don't. And any pic of a supermodel worthy member in a perfectly lit professional looking photograph is probably something the scammer pulled off the internet. There Are Fake Profiles on iHookup. Or, maybe they are really cute women who have been highly rated by the community. A ton of profiles would appear in the results, but there was never a member count which is always a red flag for scam sites. If they're a perfect 10, it's a fake profile. The pictures seemed legit in many cases, but most of the profiles were not filled out at all.

Is ihookup a scam

The ratio of men to women on these sites is ridiculously high. This, of course, is just another part of their clever scheme to get your credit card number. So, read the rest of this iHookup review to learn about the iHookup scam. So if the hookup site in question is full of recognizable face pics, it's bull. In fact, right when I logged in, I got a message. It was a cam site, with all kinds of adult content. I was, of course, intrigued by this little button, and so I pressed it. The general rule is, the more they write about themselves, the more likely they're real. The profiles that were filled out were even stranger. They could take your photo and make a profile for another dating site catering to some strange fetish or something. This happened to me a couple of times before I even uploaded a photo of myself. Hope this helps someone. It actually took me to another site altogether. What does she care if I have a photo or not? Read what their profile. Or, maybe they are really cute women who have been highly rated by the community. If you're expecting something more than that join Match. Remember, too good to be true probably isn't. It immediately took me to another page with pictures of scantily clad women in scandalous poses and even some straight up adult video links. In my final attempt to find a real member, I decided to send a message. You paid to send a message to a robot. So I decided to check it out to see if it is worth including in our annual review of the best sites to meet a single older woman. They have fake member profiles who try to get you to sign up by sending messages. There Are Fake Profiles on iHookup. It's a hookup site, or a 'casual' dating site, or as I like to refer to it - it's a sex site. In other words, only pretty sketchy sites usually host in these places, so that they cannot be held accountable for things like stealing your personal information and credit card number.

Is ihookup a scam

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