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Or, one a rainy day, when there are generally fewer things to do around Indianapolis, you can stay indoors at Dark Armies. You can go on a guided tour at Lucas Oil Stadium. Take some lessons to get started! You can even take a zipline! When the skies are clear, couples can have a lovely night of stargazing. Tour around the acres. Wikimedia Commons This might not fit the bill for local Indianapolis things to do today, but consider these attractions if Christmas or Halloween is coming up. Visit the largest historic preservation in the U. This is simply one of the best things to do in Indianapolis for kids.

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You can take a kayak, a paddleboat, a classic, Italian-style gondola, a segway , or a bike along the canal, which is fun to explore no matter how you do it. YouTube Visiting Virginia B. Is it an optical illusion? Things to do today downtown? The Star The Arts Council of Indianapolis has invested a great deal into the art of public spaces, especially for downtown. Winters are generally cold with moderate snowfall. Both excellent parts are littered with outdoor venues. Bike across downtown with Pacers Bikeshare Program. Plan a couple of weekends to find your favorite places to eat. Locals love the Speedrome. You can even take a zipline! Flickr A beautiful, planned path through the city, the cultural trail takes you along some of the best places to see in Indianapolis, is landscaped for your viewing pleasure, and crosses paths with numerous public art spaces as well. The unfortunate consequence was that limbs often got trapped between the bars. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park is possibly one of the best free things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana, if not the very best. Take your competitiveness to the next level at paintball. These girls mean business. Well, this happens to be one of the free things to do with kids in Indianapolis. The park is completely free, open from dawn until dusk , and full of contemporary art installations around a 35 acre lake. See the movies under the stars, 50s-style. YouTube Stop by this locally famous roadside attraction if you want to mysteriously roll uphill. Look them up here and see how many you can find in one afternoon. You can look at old-timey police cars, learn about the interesting history of the local force such as the fact that one of them invented the Breathalyzer and about crooks like the infamous John Dillinger. Dating back to , the Gothic-Revival style of the Little Church on the Circle is particularly cool when paired against the backdrop of skyscrapers. Go on a food quest to retrace the steps of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Expansion of the interurban system at the turn of the 20th century facilitated growth of several streetcar suburbs , including Broad Ripple , Irvington , University Heights , and Woodruff Place. Dream of catching bad guys at the Indiana State Police Museum. These girls are a national treasure.

Indy dating sites

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YouTube Stop by this locally famous roadside attraction if you want to mysteriously roll uphill.

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