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Then from around you, you MUST find people who love and support you. Another common one is, The way to have power is to dominate others. That applies to why you do what you do, and what you need in the relationship. But love can come from other places: I was about 36 and had successfully suppressed my anger since childhood.

How to get over fear of confrontation

Could it be that you have difficulty with insecurity, fear, and dependency? Feeling Powerless Think about this for a moment. That would mean, to you, that you were powerless, which would lead to a profound anxiety. Is the partner filling an emotional hole in your life? The Journey from Heartbreak to Connection. Are you blaming your partner for other abandonments that you have experienced? In addition to the fact that suppressing your anger is suppressing a part of yourself—in other words, having a part of you be unknown to you—suppressed anger has been implicated in serious illnesses, especially heart diseases. Take a day off if something stressful has happened. I read all posts and answer as many as I can. At any moment, they believe that they can be betrayed and so, their guard must be constantly up, lest they get shamed, abandoned, or hurt again. Learn to ask if your fears are based on fact, or what you think is going on. Imagine you needed to have everything be exactly the way you wanted in order to feel in control. Family is one thing, but friends are the MOST essential in this. You will never understand how much our time together meant to me. It is unique to the two people involved, which is what makes it so damn amazing. Unconscious choice is dangerous and hurtful. My love for you will never change. Reward and treat yourself to a nice dinner once in a while. What is the source of that? I created a free checklist that you can use to quickly see how much you or someone you are thinking of is affected by the avoider mentality. Just one more example of the power of beliefs in our lives. Another common one is, The way to have power is to dominate others. And the conditionings are: But my fear of anger did not disappear totally until I eliminated the five beliefs and conditionings many years later. Avoiders fear intimacy yet crave it. It is only through recognizing this and consciously working through their issues that they can begin to enjoy the amazing possibilities of love that exist in the universe. You would be angry with whomever or whatever you feel is making you feel powerless.

How to get over fear of confrontation

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Avoid Avoiding Conflict

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There can be several other relevant beliefs and conditionings, but it is my experience that when these six have been eliminated, much of the fear we have of our own anger and the anger of others will be gone.

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