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Ideas and images come to him, and he gives birth to them. Then the tide recedes, and for a time he is stranded. If you get to meet his mom, then you know he's serious. Psychologists and astrologists claim that our memories dictate all our life-long future habits. If in doubt, he can be jealous and controlling. They can be ridiculously clingy Cancer is a sign of fertile imagination and deep emotional needs.

How to deal with a moody cancer man

You may find that he clings tightly as if it is the last time, and is constantly on the lookout for any threats. If he invites you over to his place and cooks for you, then he's definitely interested. It helps tremendously if regularly shown that you really do care deeply. Like water, they are very fluid: What Sends Him Away? The Cancerian is easily bruised by life and prone to seeking self-protection. He has an intense love for the fine culinary arts, a hatred of instability, and the complete inability to be decisive. He is interested in her spontaneous ways, while she is enticed by his sensual charm. Since Cancer is a feminine moon sign this makes Cancer men more affected by the moon and thus turned into a sappy, dreamy, moody mess on a regular basis. In my experience, Cancer men are able to keep their deepest sides to themselves. The real question is not whether or not you man is insecure, it's how thick his shell is. The Cancer man will always want to make sure that you are tucked away safe and secure. Some TLC is always deeply appreciated, and he needs to feel that you really do understand. These two water signs come together emotionally, like crashing waves, for a deep, churning, tumbling kind of union. Did he portray these signs? There are very few signs that are as artistically gifted as Cancer. These guys are notoriously private. He understands your emotions, respects your healing process, and takes your moods seriously. He is an expert in emotions—both his and yours— and makes an excellent life partner. Retreating into his shell is really a way to keep him safe from over-exposure, hurt and criticism. The only way to understand him is to understand his mother. Moody - If you couldn't tell already, your Cancer man is a very moody being. He needs a strong partner who can deal with his various sides and complexity. Let me hear about your experiences. You never really feel like you know his true self He can be sulky and depressed one minute then entirely sentimental, happy, or extroverted in the next. They can be ridiculously clingy Cancer is a sign of fertile imagination and deep emotional needs. Cancer needs time away from the world, and this allows him to replenish emotionally, swimming about in his imagination, feelings and moods.

How to deal with a moody cancer man

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Cancer Men The Definitive Guide

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The real question is not whether or not you man is insecure, it's how thick his shell is. He is a bit of a home-body and invests a lot of thought and energy on and time in his home environment.

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