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I love this place! Their prices are reasonable too! It's easy, only takes a couple of minutes and you'll help thousands make an informed decision. The staff has always been very friendly and they even have a small area for kids to play. If you've been to or used Heaven Sent Children's Resale, leave a review.

Heaven sent federal way

If you've been to or used Heaven Sent Children's Resale, leave a review. The clothes are very overprized, I can buy a new shirt for the same prize at a regular store. I've gone to this store off and on for several years because the owner is a friend of a friend. October 11, 1 Heaven Sent Children's Resale waste of time! Their prices are reasonable too! I highly recommend this store for children's consignment. Heaven Sent is a waste of time!! I have finally decided to find a new store. They pay fairly well for items, and it saves the hassle of using eBay or having a garage sale. Limited Too and alot of boutique brands as well. I've always been very polite so I'm not sure why this girl is so rude and lazy. They also have a wide selection of some of the best brand names for kids like Gymboree, Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren. Even though this place can be tricky to find, you'll be glad you did. I have used this store for several years to unload items my children have grown out of, and to purchase pre-owned items in excellent condition. You can also purchase and sell high chairs, strollers, cribs and toys. I love this place! They are pretty choosy about which clothing they'll accept so the quality is good. They will sort through your items while you wait or you can check back later. They do not usually take all of your items, and they are picky, but this makes shopping here a nice experience. Do not even waste your time with this store. I have wasted so much of my time trying to sell them clothes from stores like Gymboree and Old Navy and They buy and sell used children's clothes. All the clothes I bring in are brand new from Old Navy, Gymboree, The Bon, etc and are in perfect condition because I know they are picky but the brunette employee always rejects every thing and tells me they are styles that don't sell well. A lot of their toys are old and dirty. And the clothes they do buy, they will offer you pathetically little money for. I have been to the Heaven Sent resale store several times hoping to find something used for a decent prize. I can bring a box of my kids outgrown clothing and go home with new clothes that fit and are really cute and it won't have cost me a thing.

Heaven sent federal way

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26.05.2018 at 10:12 pm

They are a dinky little store and don't have much to offer. Heaven Sent is a waste of time!!

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