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I had so many thoughts racing through my mind: My father worked there when I was a young girl. I put the news on and we hung up the phone. We were sent home early from work to be with our families. It was absolutely awful. What if my dad was there at work?

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It was absolutely awful. The towers were not a military institution. Jaimie kindly agreed, and following is a transcript of our chat. I was fortunate to not have lost any of my loved ones that day. I remember driving to work that afternoon and seeing a sky void of airplanes. I was scared because this was an attack on American soil, which had never happened before in my lifetime. That was it — I decided to order some kits from the States, and if nothing else, just have some fun and get a little creative. I was still asleep when the first plane hit, but my brother-in-law called and alerted me to what had happened. Of course, the producers were unsure whether to include the snow globe scene after what had occurred, but despite removing images of the World Trade Centre from various other scenes, they decided to leave that one in as a more nostalgic image. This made things even more worrisome, because the attacks caused such trouble with travel he had difficulty getting home. I would love to take my children to visit someday. What if other children were there on a field trip? The second scene is the closing one, again featuring the beautiful New York Snow Globe. When the first tower collapsed, so did I. We have suffered setbacks of course, but the attack did not wipe us out or tear us apart. I was beside myself in worry and disbelief. I put the news on and we hung up the phone. I live in Arizona now and we never have snow here. Would you be comfortable telling me some of what happened in your experience that day? Jaimie, I want to thank you again for contacting me and for taking the time to talk with me about such a personal experience, and your New York snow globe. Being attacked is never acceptable, but there is something so utterly sickening when the attack is made on the general public. What if my dad was there at work? I will remember the details of that day forever. I thought that was pretty amazing that we have something that was used in the show. I had so many thoughts racing through my mind:

Haws sex

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21.03.2018 at 10:12 pm

I have been inside of the Twin Towers myself. Winter in New York is beautiful, but I sure do not miss shoveling snow!

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