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He spent his last semester studying in Europe and graduated in Holland in You name it, an aircraft carrier has everything going against it: Karen also is on the volunteer board of the Dayton Philharmonic. But you have to be just as diligent on the parts of the business you're not as interested in. We're not interested in more locations just to say we have more locations. My next car was a Triumph.

Grismer tire troy ohio

Dad was happy to see that I was willing to take whatever job needed to be done. But they can't buy our people; that's what makes Grismer different. Techs also receive their normal salaries while attending classes. Grismer Tire partners with Dayton-based Sinclair Community College's auto repair programs for tech training. If so, I should never take a vacation," which, he notes, has never been a problem. A better-educated person is just better, period. That's a heck of an accomplishment. I think it's super training for kids. One of the biggest reasons is that their expense ratio is low. I don't want to be a slave to a corporation or to outside financial investors; that's very important to me. But most of the dealership's strategies are plotted at the top of the organization. And there's probably a very good chance that the employer hasn't sat down and thought out what he or she really wants their personnel to do. We can't take advantage of them. I'd pay for someone to take a course in history. What is it that makes Grismer Tire different? The Marshalls make it a point to share financial and other company information with all employees, from upper-level executives to the latest hires. At the master's feet Grismer Tire's history as one of the Midwest's most prosperous and well-respected independent tire dealerships dates back to , when Charlie Marshall bought the single-location dealership, which had been started earlier that year by local businessman Adam Grismer. The group has put dozens of kids through college. He spent the next couple of months traveling around the continent with a buddy but stayed in touch with family back home. We were very close to our dad. If you need a particular tool for a job, get it. One of the biggest advantages to being in your own business is that you can give yourself variety. It was a very good lesson to learn in how to relate to people with different backgrounds, educations, goals and motivations. John moved to the retail side of the business and started purchasing tires, hiring employees and making key marketing decisions. Grismer Tire partner Jerry McCormick is on the right.

Grismer tire troy ohio

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