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Gay Spoon Poll Just for fun, we are publishing a gay spoon poll for you to vote in. Do what makes you comfortable, physically and mentally. This brief guide for gay spooning has been especially designed for guys who want to love on one another in a way that is fun and comforting while also taking into account the male physique. Try the Back to Back Spoon. If their head is leaning on you, lean back. Gay Ball Spoon 3. If you feel their breath, expose your neck slightly.

Gay cuddling tips

The entire idea is to get up in their space, but just jumping on top of a person can be a huge turnoff, especially in the earliest stages of getting to know someone. Similar to how a cat or dog might place one paw on his master while he sleeps as a sign of closeness. The big spoon should then hug the little or Baby Spoon with both arms. Conversely, the big spoon should hug the smaller spoon with one or both arms. Try the Traditional Spoon. Avoid the Uncomfortable Sometimes, one of the two spooners may need to have a little space. Cuddling is as much about technique as it is about adaptability—you have to be able to read your partners actions and reactions and go from there. Create an escape noise to signify and end to the spooning. Try the Back to Back Spoon. In other words, if the big spoon traditionally is doing the cuddling, allow the smaller spoon to assume this position. If you have a hard time getting too close to your guy because it gets hot or because you need to move, the hand holding spoon will work in a pinch. Remember that having a Michael Bay or Brett Ratner movie on does not inspire cuddle feelings in anyone. For most gay men, the size of our bodies tends to be different than the person we are cuddling with. Here are some other considerations: For this position, the big spoon guy lies on his side and the little spoon guy puts his back to the stomach of the big spoon. In this position, the big spoon lies on his or her side, and the little spoon should then curl into a fetal position facing the stomach of the big spoon. It can be as much of an art as the act of sex itself, whether you are Little or Big Spoon. If their head is leaning on you, lean back. One or both legs of each person can be rested upon one another. Allow enough room for the little spoon to wiggle and maneuver. For this unique position, the bigger spoon lies on his side. If you feel their breath, expose your neck slightly. The little spoon should get curled up in the fetal position in a way that is facing the stomach of the big spoon. Traditional Gay Spoon 2. If that means turning slightly and kissing them, more power to you. Well frak it, nuzzle their neck.

Gay cuddling tips

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If their head is leaning on you, lean back.

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