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One who makes the best fashion item wins. This games for freshers party helps the students to recognize the other side of their colleagues. Instead of a rope, give them a soft bed sheet to pull. The remaining players are then asked a series of pre-planned questions about their partners, spouse or date. Such a Maze This game is similar to a treasure hunt, but more exerting. But this fresher party game has a catch. Pie Eating Contest A pie eating contest can be a lot of fun. Set the time to 10 minutes.

Games for freshers party

One who makes the best fashion item wins. After everyone has had one turn at tagging, see who has scored the most. The winner of this game is the last one left. The snatchers then get 15 seconds to destroy balloons that belong to other teams. Provide every person with a bucket of water and two mugs. Everyone gets a chance to be the tagger. All the clues must relate to these stories. Do not leave this activity unsupervised. Shooting Hoops If you have a basketball hoop in your yard, then you can have a shoot-off. Pie Eating Contest A pie eating contest can be a lot of fun. At the end, all the other guests can vote for the participant they liked the most. This has to continue till there is only one person left. To implement this fun activity, prepare a replica of a photo booth with the help of cardboard and a curtain for the background. To make the game difficult, you could also ask the players to spell the words backwards. Crazy poses Make a group of and give them a difficult pose to perform and hold that pose for thirty seconds. This is the place where they introduce themselves to the whole college. Let the creativity flow. Next, make teams of the kids and give each of them a list which consists of all these items. Balloon Bursting You can have a small area of the wall or any other surface covered with balloons. To make it more interesting, give them directions and a compass to follow. Tug of War Make two equal teams of the kids and make them stand facing each other. Man Hunt To begin the game, you need to establish two teams with equal number of players. Name The Animal First, divide the party guests into teams of 2 to 3 people and put a sticker or a picture of a bug on each child's back. It can just be a karaoke session where everyone comes up and sings at least one song that they know. Ask them to create a fashion item out of it. The people who want to participate have to select the song of their choice and sing it in front of everybody else. Divide everyone into teams of two.

Games for freshers party

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Balloon War To begin with, form a few groups and give each of them a packet of balloons, and select two people to take up the title of 'snatchers'. You can have fun party games for adults, teens and kids which you can try at your next party and make it a roaring success.

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