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I think the most interesting thing that I learned was that many people who learned to play instruments were blind. Thank you very much. Objectives include knowledge of the repertoire and composers and historical perspective of styles, types, and common performance practice. Survey of the basic literature of the harpsichord and the piano from the seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century. Yesterday I attended all three components of the events.

Free middle eastern background music

Since the Qur'an forbids alcohol consumption, the region isn't noted much for its wine —except in religiously mixed Lebanon , where vineyards like Chateau Ksara , Chateau Kefraya and Chateau Masaya have gained international fame for their wines. Aside from coffee, there is also an alcoholic drink called arak. It highlighted the fact that even though we may be able to find artifacts, there is much that will never be known for certain about ancient cultures. When entertaining dinner guests at home, it is seen as discourteous to one's guests to serve the sufficient amount of food for all guests, lest one appears miserly. I also enjoyed the back-and-forth between the professors, especially between the main presenter and the gentleman from Michigan. However, there are various commonalities, namely the leading tones were the same used in western music today. The musician has the freedom to alter the pitch of individual courses from a quarter to a whole step by adjusting metal levers. Popular music[ edit ] Music pervades Middle Eastern societies. The event yesterday was perfectly indicative of the nature of the entire course: I was only able to make it to the reception, but I found the food to be not so different from modern day food in present day near east. The knife is held in the right hand, and the fork in the left. Only since the nineteenth century have individual reciters started singing the Qur'an while still strictly abiding by the laws and rules. Burghul is also used in making meat pies and as an ingredient in salads, notably in tabbouleh, with chopped parsley, tomato, lemon, and oil. I was often confused during the public lecture because I have a very insufficient background in music theory, but I was still amazed by some of the tablets providing us with evidence for ancient music theory, especially the seven-pointed star diagram representing a heptatonic scale. Drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, and other electronic instruments used to create a commercial music track. Topics covered include music reading in G and F clefs, intervals, major and minor scales; rhythm. Analysis, listening, research, and performance. It was cool to see how current research is connected to what we learn about in class. He was a truly remarkable player. I thought the traditional Mesopotamian food was suspiciously similar to present-day Middle Eastern food… I attended all three stages of the event. Dried, they are boiled into one of the most popular Egyptian foods: Having that hands on involvement and getting to fiddle with the instruments was very fun. The hands on portion of the event was definitely my favorite part. Christians use it during Lent, when meat and dairy products are excluded, and Jews use it in place of animal fats such as butter to avoid mixing meat and dairy products. The reception afterward in the Semitic Museum was interesting as well. Contact and Student Information.

Free middle eastern background music

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One thing that struck me was how the lines or strings-sorry I know nothing about music were spaced out on the instrument based on the age of the major gods.

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