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Previous Traumatic Experience Philophobia is closely related with a previous traumatic experience involving love and relationships. Submitted by Rojika Maharjan. You feel like relationships are killers of freedom. Psychotherapies and medicines only in severe cases are helpful for treating philophobia in people. Exposure Therapy This can also be an effective treatment therapy for philophobia. The therapist guides through building positive behavior, and increase toleration for the anxiety.

Fear of being in love phobia

You get very uncomfortable when you start to get intimate with someone. The therapist conducts regular talking and sharing sessions and changes the outlook of the person towards love. After all, life is supposed to be all about us conquering our fears and eliminating our weaknesses. If a person had any past relationship failure such as divorce, it can strongly cause philophobia in a person. A sense of well-being that is purely dependent on the validation of the people they are in love with. The fear reaction is to avoid relations, thus avoiding the pain. Eventually, the person will be able to reduce the anxiety and fearful nature towards the prospect of love through regular exposure sessions. And it hurt you. If someone was deeply hurt or abandoned as a child, they may be averse to becoming close to someone who may do the same. As much as falling in love is appealing, it can be intimidating for many others. Love is like a beautiful gift everyone wishes for. But what do you get in return? Medicines In severe cases, medicines can also be useful to control the distress in a person. Rapid heart rates, chest pains, and shallow breathing. Cultural Norms In many culture and religions, having love relationships are seen as sin. You feel like relationships only hold you back in life. According to the Mayo Clinic, in some cases specific phobias may develop because of changes in brain functioning. Am I still okay? And in that relationship, you developed a certain closeness with another person. You feel like being in a real relationship with someone is essentially you giving up your sense of self. You are really affected by traumatic events from your past. You get stabbed in the back. Do you feel uneasy whenever your friends start asking you about your love life; and your plans for getting into a relationship? This can often lead to someone feeling emotionally unstable, anxious, and uneasy. DSED makes it difficult for people with the disorder to form deep, meaningful connections to others.

Fear of being in love phobia

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FEAR OF INTIMACY & the 5 Ways to Overcome it

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CBT involves identifying and changing negative thoughts, beliefs, and reactions to the source of the phobia. How is Philophobia treated?

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