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Be Aware of Others. To satisfy their curiosity, ENFPs try to notice all of these things, and to never miss a moment. The main driver to the ENFP personality is Extraverted Intuition, whose purpose is to understand the world as one Big Picture, seeking connections and meaning in everything. They value every single second of each day, and enjoy keeping themselves busy. For them, these are just sides of a coin. They see problems as a big puzzle, and are excellent at overcoming challenges. Because they rely so much on their intuition, ENFPs must be careful not to read into everything too much. It's difficult for most to understand what this means, much less incorporate that directive into your life. Without "difficult", there would be no "easy".

Enfp strengths and weaknesses

This ability may be used in an artistic way, or way to be used to generate ideas and new ways of thinking. By facing your weaknesses, you can overcome them and they will have less power over you. When that happens, take a step back from your anger and try to really hear what the person is saying objectively. Very Popular and Friendly — All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. They will be unable to finish anything that they start, and generally wander through life from experience to experience. The challenge for ENFPs is that they live in a world of checks and balances, a pill they are not happy to swallow. They want authentic experience and often seek emotional intensity. These are very contradictory forces. It's very common for ENFPs to resist applying judgement until they feel they truly understand a person or situation. Without "difficult", there would be no "easy". They believe that everyone has a right to be themselves, and they are very tolerant and accepting. More often than not, they see things in the underlying motives. They will certainly become angry when people harshly criticize or try to control them. Who are some famous ENFPs? Therefore, the ENFP stews in their anger, rather than dealing with it. ENFPs have the ability to make others see things their way, and often can talk their way into and out of things. Any job that has them doing boring, routine tasks will be a poor choice. Observant — ENFPs believe that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. By recognizing your special gifts and encouraging their growth and development, you will more readily see your place in the world, and be more content with your role. Anger can be a problem for anybody, but may be especially so for ENFPs who have not sufficiently developed their Introverted Feeling. Be Accountable for Yourself. It's difficult for most to understand what this means, much less incorporate that directive into your life. Thus, they can enjoy deep conversations or even just little chit-chats. I am more artistic by nature and I love interacting with ENFPs are good at switching between work and relaxation, and they use that as a way to cope and reduce stress. ENFPs get along with pretty much everyone, and their circles of friends stretch far and wide. They are more concerned with keeping true to what they believe than they are with expectations or demands from the social group that they function within.

Enfp strengths and weaknesses

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ENFP - The Inspirer MBTI The Myers & Briggs 16 Personality Types (Personality Test) ANIMATION

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As their enthusiasm for the current situation wanes and something new and exciting catches their attention, ENFPs often fall into the trap of jumping from project to project, job to job, or relationship to relationship.

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