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The two met at the Battle of Camden in which the British routed the Americans. During the time of Frederick the Great, he estimated that the British standing army was around 20, men. The British belief that thousands of loyalists would rise to fight the patriots was false. In , the master navigator Christopher Columbus believed he could reach India by sailing west. Gage was replaced and General Howe had a new respect for the provincials. Americans will never understand how important the French alliance was to the American Revolution. The British drove the Americans from Harlem Heights, defeated them at the Battle of White Plains and then captured 2, rebels and their supplies at the masterful assault on Fort Washington. They had not defeated the British throughout the war and had lost many of their possessions.

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Militia lines often broke out of fear. Horatio Gates was disgraced at Camden, Charles Lee betrayed his country while a prisoner, and Benjamin Lincoln was over-matched at Charleston. Religions represented and living peacefully among each other were the Catholics, Protestants, Quakers, Agnostics, and Deists. The use of mercenaries was common in European warfare. This time period has been romanticized to the point where it appears everyone came together with a sound mind and rallied for independence. The remaining Americans held on outside Quebec City until the spring of , suffering from poor camp conditions and smallpox, and then withdrew when a squadron of British ships under Captain Charles Douglas arrived to relieve the siege. He would lose close to 1, men in the Battle of Bennington. The midnight ride of Paul Revere was actually much more complicated and sophisticated than the poem written about it 90 years later. Militia had not been trained to withstand multiple volleys of musket fire and were more at home firing behind trees and delivering quick strikes. The provincials, under William Prescott fell back, but British losses were so heavy that the attack was not followed up. With exception of Virginia, the Southern Colonies were against Independence. Spain remained anonymous until when they signed the Treaty of Aranjuez that officially brought them into the war. Arnold fell back to Fort Ticonderoga, where the invasion had begun. The British Soldiers were tried in the courts of Massachusetts and found it difficult to find representation. John Adams would become the voice of independence and constantly lobbied for independence from Great Britain. Washington organized a march to Virginia immediately. Colonial America British colonies had been established in the New World since and had been growing significantly. These actions, combined with lobbying by both Allen and Arnold and the fear of a British attack from the north, eventually persuaded the Continental Congress to authorize an invasion of Quebec. Prior to , the Portuguese had begun building a new trade route to India. Tactics vary from each battle, but most commanders struggled with how to properly use militia. Without France the colonies would have remained British subjects. The Southern Colonies consisted of: The militia groups would continue to harass the British and would force them to return to their base in New York. Arnold played a key role in both. While there are many problems with the Continental Army, courage, experience, and marksmanship was not one of them. Washington was met with defeat at the Battle of Brandywine.

Dominos in cahokia

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The two would meet in Albany, New York. Americans will never understand how important the French alliance was to the American Revolution.

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