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Loved from generation to generation! It is an adaptation of Robert C. Tron A personal favorite of mine. He escapes NASA and an adventure with an alien spaceship begins! This entry was posted in Animation by Ohhhpunky. Or how about The Princess Bride? The scenes with humans feature some interesting fashion styles and a backdrop of NYC. This list is only for theatrical films released under the main Disney banner. It is the fourth in a series of live-action musical

Disney movies from the 80s

But Popeye, with a little help from some spinach, comes to the rescue! O'Brien's children's novel Mrs. The scenes with humans feature some interesting fashion styles and a backdrop of NYC. Some parts remind me a lot of Lord of the Rings, but in child version. A horror, from The kids then have to survive a journey through the back garden to get back to the house! A Christmas fantasy, from Takes be back to a pre-historic time. That mermaid and human contact is forbidden! Sci-fi classic, perfect for video game-loving kids and adults who are also into computers. Or how about The Princess Bride? Based on the great detective Sherlock Holmes, Basil will win you over with his charming and witty banter. It begins in In this fantasy adventure, made in Trips to the surface were forbidden by her Father, King Triton! With many obstacles awaiting, including, water sprinklers and giant ants! This movie was first Disney movie to feature a song with steal drums. Popeye goes in search of his Father, meeting a whole host of characters along the way, and he falls in love with Olive Oil! Naturally we see some ruby slippers too! The list goes on and on. Abbie meets an Angel, Gideon, who wants to show her that things could be much worse! The adventure comedy! It was adapted by William Goldman from his novel of the same name. An animated musical comedy, Jan Curtis soon discovers a supernatural mystery of a missing girl in the woods around the mansion!

Disney movies from the 80s

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Top 10 Underrated Animated Disney Films

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This entry was posted in Animation by Ohhhpunky. Tron A personal favorite of mine.

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