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Aurora, which can have the peppy nickname Rory, is now the most popular it has ever been, standing just outside the Top on the Social Security list. She loves painting, writing poems, writing in her diary, meditating, or just enjoying her surroundings. Rising to popularity in the 80s largely in part to the Pooh stories and classic family series The Wonder Years. The TMNT series ran until the late 90s. We simply adore Dora! Gleek Sure, the Wonder Twins can activate their powers and turn themselves into icebergs, blah, blah, blah. Actress Tia Carrere chose it for her daughter.

Cute cartoon nicknames

The TMNT series ran until the late 90s. Audrey is a celeb favorite, used by Greg Kinnear, Steve Zahn, and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and has been climbing steadily up the popularity lists, in and around the Top 50 for the past four years. There was even a live action Ben 10 movie. The whole package makes Boo-Boo cuter than the average bear. Hudson is also a great last name that has made it's way to first name status. One reason he made the list: The Roman goddess of flowers, gardens and spring, Flora is making a surprising comeback, along with the related Florence. It sits at out of the popular names. A spunkier version of Jessica, which holds the place as the most popular female name from the s and 90s, Jessie is cute and playful without being too girly. The name was extremely popular in the s, ranking 8 on a list of top girl names. Violet Violet Parr is the shy, stubborn, sarcastic daughter in The Incredibles who has the power to become invisible. The Duck brothers are white tailed triplets who are always searching for adventure and getting into trouble along the way! Roger Rabbit Those floppy ears and red suspenders are eye-catchers. Aurora Princess Aurora is the romantic heroine of Sleeping Beauty, and her name projects that same romantic aura. The name Crimson is a colour and we put it up there with the other colour names like Scarlett and Gray. In a film that is absolutely wrenching in its depiction of loss, Thumper represents nothing but pure joy. This name can be used in its longer form such as Maxwell and Maxen. True, he leaves out all the stuff about partisan bickering and pork barrel spending, but whatever. Marie Marie is the kind yet somewhat spoiled kitten in The Aristocats. Teela is an English baby name and means bird teal and blue-green colour. Chilly Willy As was made clear by entry 20, animated penguins are dang cute — and none are cuter than Chilly Willy, with his perky pom-pom hat and endearing waddle. Wall-E He only recently joined the cartoon landscape. The prettiest, smartest, bestest girl gets the front seat! In , Raphael ranked as the th most popular boys name in United States. And he sports the tiniest little top hat ever drawn.

Cute cartoon nicknames

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Cutest Cartoon ever watch the love of Friendship

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The most popular, Nameberry reports Raphael was the 16th most popular name for boys in and ranked as the 59th most popular boys name in Spain. Celebrity photographer Nigel Barker has a daughter named Jasmine.

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