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If you didn't or couldn't climb back to the top, you had to wait and when the wind was blowing, it was very frigid. I wish I could remember some of the guys names to give them their due, but its been so long I can't. By the end of the 2nd season most of us were pretty good, and by the end of the 3rd season our skis were no longer equipment, they were appendages. When I hit the ground I was paralyzed as the ground swelled up and down. October 10th and the grand opening is in November, you have to be kidding. This entry was posted in Columns.


I have two especially vivid memories relating to them. Cable bindings remained in use for some time for cross-country, and are today popular for telemark skiing. By the end of the 2nd season most of us were pretty good, and by the end of the 3rd season our skis were no longer equipment, they were appendages. When it was working, the B trails were the best thing since sliced bread. If you look up to the top of the T pomalift you can see a little house at the top of the mountain. If you would like to help Brian Gilmore with sponsorships — please contact him vial email at googlegurf yahoo. The B poma was notorious for breaking down. Instead of hooks, he drilled a rectangular hole through the ski from side to side, and passed an iron bar through it. The military side of the ski area could easily be seen at night from Anchorage when the night lights were turned on. I'm working on getting some old photographs scanned, they're a little faded after all these years. From the lodge, you had to skate over to the rope tow, ride it up, then slide down to the T pomalift. Skiers like Olympic Gold medalist — Donna Weinbrecht got her real start on this slope. Long story short, after 4 and a half minutes of struggling just to remain standing during the great earthquake, most of us got back in the truck and went up to the Ski Bowl! You can see the return tower on top of the mountain, the other towers are in line with it. The house was there to provide a little shelter, very little. The plate could be easily removed for walking about. Huitfeldt further improved the design by changing the toe piece. Half way, 12 hour days, and November coming fast. Once we arrived it was clear something big had happened. Sondre Norheim demonstrated Telemark skiing before , and the Open Christiania in , both made possible with a binding design which dated back to the late s. It looks high up on the mountain but it wasn't. I nearly became a soprano on one of those poles during a fall. Pilot boots can be used with a Profil binding but Profil boots cannot be used with Pilot bindings. I don't remember taking the photos I submitted, but I have the original negatives, so I assume they were indeed mine. We didn't believe it because they didn't have English accents when singing.


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Once we arrived it was clear something big had happened. We got out of school, ran home and changed, dashed over to the Enlisted Men's Club and caught the next shuttle.

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