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Never use the same cache location. Fishing chicken livers or blood bait? Disperse your goods in cache segments in a geometrical pattern about your cache site if practical. Com Brad From Matt: This information is something you do NOT want to carry on your person for security reasons. Smaller caches dispersed about your Area of Operations AO are better than one huge stockpile. But when catfish are actively feeding, that should happen within 10 to 30 minutes tops.

Cover your stump before you hump

Try to pinpoint prime catfishing areas such as channel edges and humps, then narrow your fishing zones down to a few best spots: The stump is located just inside a clear cut area so it blends in. So even though water runs continuously, the flow of water released may change two or three times daily. More seriously, I think God will not allow this to occur, and He meaning specifically the God of this world, who is Jesus Christ, will not allow this to happen…not for the current population, but for the rising-tides of the coming generations of children. What is the best way for a novice like me to grade the road smooth enough for an asphalt job? Yes, they really work. Fishing near fallen trees at the head of a deep pool on an outside bend of the river also can lead to good catches. You can also scatter scrap metal like buried plugs of rebar and junk iron. This way your rods are spread out to cover more water and avoid tangles. That being said I keep a list of my caches in my notebook with the coordinates. I found an old truck carcass in the woods. If possible, shift sides of the river now and then to present baits in every likely spot as you move. Ones that I put in above ground locations are. Whether the cache is buried, hung, or concealed behind or under structures is immaterial. This results is a lot of missed fish. This means you can use smaller containers that are cheaper to make easier to hide and be content specific. For example, if you have a cache in the New Mexico mountains three days from your previous cache, you might arrive there only to find it has been looted. Use live fish for big flatheads; they rarely eat anything else. Do not cache at a specific location anything more than you can carry on your back on one trip 75 lbs. The stock pile had been there for a few years and was wet and packed. Do not put all of your eggs into one cache, thus limit caches to lbs. Using several containers allows you to spread them out, if we had done this we could have easily put one or two on the other side of the road and not lost all of our stash. Buried in one case, stored in two others in the basements of people I trust. For most people the the UTM looks like just some random gibbering, this helps keep the locations stay a little more secure. Check six look behind you frequently for a tail on ingress and egress. Use the lay of the land and natural features to conceal the cache, and make sure the site is well drained and free of tree roots and direct observation.

Cover your stump before you hump

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Concealing cache records inside a gas tank of an abandoned automobile is perfect. In urban locations your ability to conceal your cache depends to some extent on how well you know the movements and habits of the indigenous population.

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