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The Romantic artists didn't follow these norms, they resepected and encouraged art in every form. For instance, American poet Walt Whitman's 'Song of Myself' celebrates the individual and their authority, apart from society. Origins After the French Revolution of , a significant social change occurred within a single generation. Nationalism The Romantics borrowed heavily from the folklore and the popular local art. The personification continues on through the poem. Originating in England and Germany, Romanticism developed in response to the Age of Enlightenment, which celebrated rationalism and reason. Moreover, emphasis is on the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious or idealized. This symbolic portrayal of a shipwreck of popular political aspirations gives the painting the same drama that marked the works of Baroque Old Masters like Rubens and Velazquez. The Romantic movement promoted 'creative intuition and imagination' as the basis of all art.

Characteristics of romanticism

Science values facts and objective laws, but Romanticism celebrated the kind of knowledge that an individual intuits through their senses. To see the role that Romantic painting played in the evolution of 19th century art, see: Spanish Romanticism Francisco de Goya was the undisputed leader of the Romantic art movement in Spain, demonstrating a natural flair for works of irrationality, imagination, fantasy and terror. Type of the wise who soar, but never roam; True to the kindred points of Heaven and Home! Thus cool, rational Neoclassicism was now confronted with emotion and the individual imagination which sprang from it. At this point, a widening gulf opened up between emotion and reality. Originating in England and Germany, Romanticism developed in response to the Age of Enlightenment, which celebrated rationalism and reason. A love and emphasis of nature as a place free from society's judment and restrictions. For the Romantics, what one feels to be true is true. Turner and John Constable. The possibilities for dramatic expressiveness in music were augmented both by the expansion and perfection of the instrumental repertoire and by the creation of new musical forms, such as the lied, nocturne, intermezzo, capriccio, prelude, and mazurka. He discovered that "flesh only has its true colour in the open air, and particularly in the sun. Arthur Lovejoy attempted to demonstrate the difficulty of defining Romanticism in his seminal article "On The Discrimination of Romanticisms" in his Essays in the History of Ideas ; some scholars see Romanticism as essentially continuous with the present, some like Robert Hughes see in it the inaugural moment of modernity , [35] and some like Chateaubriand , Novalis and Samuel Taylor Coleridge see it as the beginning of a tradition of resistance to Enlightenment rationalism—a "Counter-Enlightenment"— [36] [37] to be associated most closely with German Romanticism. In philosophy and the history of ideas, Romanticism was seen by Isaiah Berlin as disrupting for over a century the classic Western traditions of rationality and the idea of moral absolutes and agreed values, leading "to something like the melting away of the very notion of objective truth", [32] and hence not only to nationalism, but also fascism and totalitarianism , with a gradual recovery coming only after World War II. The emerging wealth of the mercantile class, or nouveau riche, saw much pressure to alter legislation concerning ownership of freehold title, and this was seen to in the late s under the reign of Queen Victoria. Nature is a concept of divinity. Emergence of the Romantic Movement The Romantic movement is said to have emerged in Germany, although the main source of inspiration came from the events and ideologies of the French Revolution. Luminist landscapes - exemplified by those of Frederic E Church, Albert Bierstadt , and the Missouri frontier painter George Caleb Bingham - were characterized by intense, often dramatic light effects, a style visible also in the hauntingly beautiful works of Whistler , such as Crepuscule in Flesh Colour and Green, Valparaiso and Nocturne: The prints remained unpublished until Many Romantic ideas about the nature and purpose of art, above all the pre-eminent importance of originality, remained important for later generations, and often underlie modern views, despite opposition from theorists. Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth , Tate, London , Turner did not try to depict the driving snow and lashing wind, but rather translated them into the language of painting. The Romantic Movement strengthened as public sympathy aligned with French Revolutionaries, and a rich industrial and merchant class paying rent to crown estates grew fed up watching idle aristocrats playing with wealth that appeared undeserved. The emancipatory aspirations of German Romanticism were set aside in favour of those of the Restoration. It was also the first time that the poems written in the first person were being accepted, as the poetic persona became one with the voice of the poet. The early period of the Romantic Era was a time of war, with the French Revolution — followed by the Napoleonic Wars until

Characteristics of romanticism

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Romanticism in English Literature

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Originating in England and Germany, Romanticism developed in response to the Age of Enlightenment, which celebrated rationalism and reason.

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