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Country of Diamond[ edit ] The Country of Diamond is the third original setting for the series and is introduced in Alice in the Country of Diamonds as another region of Wonderland. While the game retains most of the characters from Country of Hearts, the game removes Julius Monrey and Mary Gowland in favour of two new characters, Pierce Villiers and Gray Ringmarc. Later, he comes to the clock tower with a resident of Clover. She is based on the character from Lewis Carroll's original book, who was named after Carroll's friend, Alice Liddell. They share a kiss in the end of the manga.

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He is the first to meet Alice and claims to be desperately in love with her; his sociopathic tendencies mean that he will not hesitate to kill anyone he dislikes, especially if they get between him and Alice. The majority of characters in the series originate from this country. He is also involved in a civil war with the Queen of Hearts. In contrast to how time of day changes in the Country of Hearts, the Country of Clover is known for changing its seasons at will. He has the power to pull out his violin, which turns into a kind of gun or rifle at his will, in various sizes, though he has no talent playing it. In the second game Clover no Kuni no Alice, they are revealed to be able to transform into adult forms at will. He rules the Hatter's Mansion area and is strongly hated by Mary Gowland for making his name known throughout the Land of Hearts. Her views on life in general have made her a valuable part of wonderland life. Boris has on numerous occasions, snuck into the Castle of Hearts. He almost kills Alice because she is changing everyone in Wonderland, but mentions that if he killed her, he couldn't hear her heartbeat anymore, so he changes his mind. Tsuguo Mogami Other than having a pair of brown hare ears, Elliot shares no likeness to the March Hare , upon which he is based. In the manga, she chooses to reside in the neutral Clock Tower with Julius Monrey. He has functional cat ears and a tail, several piercings and tattoos, and dresses in short, exposing outfits with a pink boa and a collar with a chain. As his attachment to Alice grows, he becomes protective of her when other characters threaten to take her away. Takehito Koyasu Julius is an original character, though it is suggested that he represents Time who has an argument with the Mad Hatter , from the original Alice in Wonderland book. Despite this, he is shown to enjoy eating carrot dishes. It is even suggested later in the manga that Blood is in fact jealous and directs his negative feelings at Alice. Many of the other characters note that Alice unintentionally leads them on. He is also revealed to be the warden of the prison in Wonderland. Julius is initially the closest character to Alice; she trusts him and lives in his Clock Tower with him. While seemingly apathetic and anti-social, several characters mention how much he must like Alice because of his eagerness to help her get home and to give her a room to stay in. In the beginning, Blood states he has no intention of loving Alice, and discusses trying to kill her. He is in charge of the only neutral district, the Clock Tower Plaza; it is also shown that he controls the world's time. He has functional mouse ears and a tail and suffers from insomnia as a result of constantly drinking coffee out of paranoia at the thought of being eaten by Boris. He hates the colour white and wants to paint everything black, but endures the Queen of Diamond's love of white as her faithful subordinate. Alice slaps him in the face in response and asks him "if he tries to kiss strangers often". Alice mentions hating him on several instances, but he is persistent in gaining her love.

Best otome games for android

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She loves cute things and has a secret room full of stuffed animals. He has functional cat ears and a tail, several piercings and tattoos, and dresses in short, exposing outfits with a pink boa and a collar with a chain.

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