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Scorpio is receptive, Aquarius is assertive. This is a push-pull relationship that would contain endless power struggles and clashing agendas. Was this page useful? We've looked into the stars and have listed the 12 most toxic zodiac couple combinations , so now you'll know who to avoid! Scorpio craves security, broods, and is nostalgic. Incorrect Compatibility Theories There have been some astrological theories involving zodiac opposites that lead people to believe that the polar opposite of one's zodiac sign actually represents an ideal match.

Best match zodiac signs

Aries is incompatible with: Horoscope matching will reveal who your perfect match is. This zodiac sign can infiltrate any of the planets and houses in a natal chart. Both signs are hardworking and goal-oriented. Scorpio is perceptive, Virgo has common sense, and both are cool and calculating in the face of trouble. For this reason, Scorpio tends to match better with Cancer and Pisces than he does with another Scorpio. Unfortunately, Taurus is also a fixed sign, and a fixed earth sign to boot. Their differences can push both of them to grow, but they can also lead to fights that escalate into cold-wars. Both internalize their problems. They have similar motives, interests, and emotional depths. Aries' energy will make them too demanding of the standoffish Scorpio. Scorpio is receptive, Aquarius is assertive. Discover your best match with our video Love match: Scorpio is suspicious of everyone, Aquarius has never met a stranger and is a friend to all. In Scorpio's case, this ideal partner would be Taurus. Discover your zodiac sign's horoscope compatibility here and live happily ever after. Aquarius demands freedom, and both are stubborn. You have the potential to go all the way on your love journey. Scorpio provides the investigative curiosity and intuition, while Capricorn provides diligence and practical know-how. If an individual's natal chart is Scorpio-dominant, this person will partner best with a chart-dominant Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer or Virgo. Taurus is notorious for his stubborn attitude and his need for emotional stability. This is not a union that is built to last. Best match for Taurus: This is a union custom built for long-term commitments if they can keep their heads above the water 4 Earth Mutable Both are private, reflective, spiritual, and fascinated by the tiny details of life. This is because Scorpio is a fixed sign , and fixed signs are deeply rooted, intense, and can be very stubborn.

Best match zodiac signs

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12 Zodiac couples perfect match

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Scorpio is receptive, Aquarius is assertive. Scorpio's emotional needs are far different.

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