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Christians continued to assert that atheism could not exist during the entire course of the century, although it became increasingly possible for influential people to admit to being atheists without suffering the full force of the law. The consensus was that there was no choice in the matter because God had been explicit: There were however, over the centuries, a number of people who were insane, or mentally deficient, or in receipt of revelation from gods other than the Christian one, who made blasphemous statements and paid with their lives. For him, God was the soul of the Universe. By a man called William Hammon felt safe enough to try to publicly dispel remaining doubts in Britain about the existence of atheists:

Arkansas freethinkers

In England, a new Blasphemy Statute was passed in to protect Christianity from criticism. Since a goal is to foster community we want to highlight those sites and therefore will list them twice. But the established Church, the Church of England, was adamant. He was garrotted and his body burned at the stake 5. Religious doubt was by now common amongst the educated classes. Courts in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware have all agreed that blasphemy was a criminal offence under the common law. Don't be scared of making small edits in sections to put one in at a time. He was convicted of atheism and blasphemy in The sentence was therefore confirmed. Atheism was plainly blasphemous, which meant that atheists could expect to die unpleasant deaths if they admitted to their lack of belief. When Bradlaugh had been prosecuted in the s, his atheism had been held to amount to sedition. But as of this date, they were at the top of their arc. Like Erasmus, humanists were generally highly educated and they soon opened the door to an idea called pantheism. As an undergraduate at University College, Oxford, the poet Shelley had published a pamphlet entitled The Necessity of Atheism in After voicing uncomplimentary views about Christianity and colonisation in , George Holyoake was imprisoned. Presumably the danger continued, for the papal bull authorising the Inquisition to investigate such cases was reissued in , and Indeed many key humanists were clerics. Harvard University, for example, was largely Unitarian, prompting the sneer that its preaching was limited to the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and the neighbourhood of Boston. John Locke was fortunate to escape prosecution in for his Unitarian views. Scholars debated whether there were, or had ever been, any genuine atheists. In particular, he no longer interfered with human affairs. He was careful to keep his views to himself, partly to avoid contention and partly because of his wife's strong Christian beliefs. The law was falling into disrepute. He was sentenced to "the torture ordinary and extraordinary", to have his tongue cut out, to have his right hand cut off, and to be burned at the stake. Atheist owned and maintained sites can be listed down to near obscurity. They locked John Taylor up in Bedlam on a diet of bread and water, supplemented by "bodily corrections".

Arkansas freethinkers

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Charles Dickens was scathing about it, writing almost a century later about France:

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